A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

I lived through every parent's worst nightmare yesterday. Before I continue this post, I must assure you #5 is now okay, thank G-d, B"H. I am so grateful to Hashem that she is okay. #5, who has been suffering the stomach flu since this past Sunday, and whom I took twice to the walk in clinic, wouldn't wake up yesterday. She was breathing but limp in my arms. I lay her back on the bed and gently shook her, and said wake up, and she just whimpered, and half opened her eyes. She was so pale. Hubby put her on her feet, and she started to walk, but not normally. I ran downstairs and called Hatzolah, a Jewish volunteer EMT service who come right away and call 911 for you and stays with you until the ambulance comes and the EMTs from the ambulance take over. Hatzolah tested her blood sugar, and it was 2. Normal is 3 and above. They had me give he some juice, but she still would not come around. Her pulse was fast, and her body temp was only 95.7 degree celcius. normal is 98.6. I was totally freaking out. I was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, and I started crying. so the 911 lady goes, is there more to the situation that your not telling me? I was thinking what the hell?? I told her, you would cry too if you saw your baby lying there unconscious!! she said she was sorry for asking, but she's seen a lot in her career, and she had to ask. She said she is a mom too and she can understand how I am feeling. I got myself together but was still really freaking out. I mean, I am anxious on a good day to begin with. As soon as the ambulance came, and assessed her, her blood sugar was up to 2.8 but she was still not really responsive, but at least her eyes were open finally. We got into the ambulance, hubby stayed with the other kids and took a vacation day, but I forgot her socks. (she was barefoot. at least I grabbed her coat). We rushed to the hospital, ambulance wailing the whole way. They put us right into the resuscitation room. The doctor was young but very nice. The emts gave #5 glucagon on the way there so she was much more alert at this point but still very weak. The nurse was so nice, and reassuring. but I could tell the situation was very serious. The doctor gave her a head to toe exam, and asked me about #5's stomach flu, and said he might admit her over night. In the mean time, #5 was able to sit up and we put her on the potty (she is trained, B"H) and she gave them a urine sample. He said because she was throwing up and having diarrhea, and not eating much, her body used up its energy stores, and that caused her blood sugar to drop so low. but she is not in danger anymore. , the doc said we can go into a normal e.r. room at that point and she would be given some juice and carbs. She didn't need an IV because she was able to keep things down. She had not thrown up since Sunday and diarrhea stopped Monday night. tuesday it was just loose stool. but her body had lost a lot of fluids during that time. The nurse told me when we first came in she thought it was the worst possible case for #5 and she is so glad #5 will be okay. I told her good thing she didn't tell me that when we came in or I would really have been a bigger basket case than I already was.

So we go into a regular e.r. room and #5 had juice. Then the nurse took her sugar again and it was 6. Then I was allowed to give her some breakfast cereal and more juice. The nurses gave her a pretty smilely face ring and some coloring pages and crayons. #5's skin color pinked up, and she started being herself again. She even colored the wall LOL. I was much calmer by this point as my little one was back to normal. After a few hours of regular blood sugar checks, and observation that her behaviour was back to normal, i.e. she was perky, standing up on the bed, wanting to walk around the e.r. the doc came and told us to follow up with the pediatrician. he said he is happy she colored on the wall, that he would rather see that any day then the way she was when we arrived. They called it hypoglycemic lethargy. he gave me a copy of the e.r. report to give to my pediatrician.

I went to my pediatrician late afternoon. #5 is okay, B"H. One thing I noticed was at the hospital everyone kept asking me if we had diabetes in my family. the pediatrician asked me too. I told him no, and I was curious why everyone kept asking me. Apparently the most common reason for this to happen is if by accident a child ingests your medicine, like Metformin, etc. But B"H no one in my family is on any of these meds. Then the doc asked if #5 had any alchohol in her system. Nope. we dont' have alcohol in my house, none of us drink. we use grape juice on shabbos. The pediatrician told me because she had a few days of not eating much and losing a lot of fluids it used up her energy stores. basically waht the er. had said. I asked him how do I prevent this from happening again the next time she has the stomach flu? and he told me pedialyte. So being everything's closed today due to xmas, tomorrow I am going to buy some. I am always going to keep this in the house. I never want to live through a nightmare like this again. The pediatrician told me if her blood sugar had dropped below 2.0 she could have had a seizure. B"H she is okay. Lesson learned: PEDIALITE!!!!

Happy Chanukah!

Apparently Erran Baron Cohen, who's Hebrew name is Yehoshua, misspelled his hebrew name on the spray paint in the background. After the clip was made, he found out it was misspelled, and was embarrassed when he found out what the misspelling meant. It is a funny clip, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope you will too. Happy Chanukah!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pioneer no more...

today #1 went on a class trip to a pioneer village. About 2 hours into it, I get a call from his teacher from his cell phone. #1 was really misbehaving, running around and touching everything and being very wired. The final straw was when he yelled into an fm device on a boy with a cochlear implant. The teacher had me talk to him and then we gave it another try. About a half hour later, the principal calls me to ask for permission for her to pick up #1 from the village and take him home to me. She said there was no point in him going back to school with the way he was behaving. So I said okay. I am very disappointed in #1. #1 is not allowed on the next class trip that is in a few months, the teacher said they will be going down town and we need to keep #1 safe, and his behavior today on the trip was not safe. Sigh.

Tomorrow might be a snow day, we are expecting a huge snow storm, and then more snow Sunday. I am hoping for a snow storm so I can stay home and relax (well, sort of try to relax anyway :)

My dad is discharged from the hospital again. He was admitted yesterday. I am really worried about him and puzzled as to why they released him when his depression is so severe..

Okay, got to go check on dinner to make sure its not burning and on #5 who I am in the middle of toilet training to make sure she does not need to use the facilities :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I need a freaking vacation

My dad is back in the hospital again. This time he is going to the depression ward and won't be discharged until he feels better.

In other crap news, today I was in the bakery, trying to pay for my stuff, when my debit card gave a weird error message saying, "limited use only" I was like what the hell does that mean? was my card skimmed? and just at that moment, my cell phone rang, and it was the fraud team at my bank asking me if I tried to withdraw $500 from an atm. I didn't. I was just trying to buy a loaf of bread. The fraud guy told me that my card was watched because I shopped in a place where others had their card skimmed so when they saw a large amount trying to be withdrawn, they declined it and froze my card. B"H! B"H! I had to go down and get a new temporary card and pin # and wait for a regular card to come in the mail. So my MIL, I called her freaking out because I was so shaken up..I've been mugged, robbed in the past, about 6 years ago, and now my card's been skimmed. for the second time in two years. Yes I am an anxious person... So I hear her trash talking me to her cousin. right in freaking front of me! HELLO! I CAN FREAKING HEAR U! I was yelling at #5 to stay close to me as she was attempting to play in the snow in the middle of the freaking parking lot and I was in a big rush to go home so I can get a lift to the bank to fix my account. I mean, if you are going to talk trash about someone at least wait until you hang up with that person!!. she was making rude comments about my anxiety. I really don't get her. I don't. She is nice to my face and then does this. I really can't stand phony people. I tell hubby, and he just said nothing. so I guess I will just say nothing too to her about it. I mean, she does help me, gives me lifts from food shopping, and sometimes picks me up a few things, and helps me shlep the kids to their dr appointments. I think she likes me, but whatever..I know she talks about me to all of her friends. it gets back to me sometimes. People only hear one side of the story on things. I am tired of her making me feel bad about myself. If I had a car or family here I would not ask her for lifts at all. what the hell am I supposed to do with my family thousands of miles away, and friends who work during the day? I need a car. damn it. it will probably be 15 years till I can afford one.

and you know what? unless you have had your purse snatched while walking at night, (BTW I was 8 months pregnant with #2) and then 3 months later come back from NJ and find all of your stuff gone, that some bastard has rummaged through your belongings and violated your sense of security you are really in no position at all to judge someone who is freaking out about having their card skimmed.

then, later, I get yet another call from my bank, this time to go over my other transactions and they tell me the fraud attempt happened in Montreal. How did my card # get all the way there?? the fraud guy tells me its a fraud ring and that's how it works. I feel very violated that someone tried to steal my life savings. B"H Hashem was watching over me and I did not lose a dime. I am just very grateful my card was being monitored by the security/fraud team. they would not tell me what place it got skimmed at. Now I am going to be really neurotic every time I use my card.

okay I have had enough for one night of internet.

Good night.
I am just very frustrated tonight.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Nostalgia

I know I have my hands full, B"H with my 5. Baruch Hashem, I have been truly blessed. I could not imagine having a 6th, even if I were able to be pregnant again, which I can't, due to a tubal ligation I had gotten a heter for after my fifth. But man..I really really miss being pregnant and having a itty bitty tiny baby. I was watching this movie before, Waitress, with Kerri Russel, and at the end, when she is holding her new baby, and then watching her grow, I realized I won't ever hold a new baby again in my arms that is my own. G-d willing I will hold my grandkids.. It was my own choice to have the ligation, I don't regret it at all, having #5 in NICU for a week and me bleeding so bad it took 3 drugs to stop it and almost needing a transfusion, and then me severely bleeding again after I was discharged from the hospital..I couldn't risk my life again to be pregnant But boy, do I miss the feeling of the baby kicking, and the excitement of hearing the heart beat and seeing the baby on ultrasound for the first time. and how when the baby is born my husband got so excited and just beamed from ear to ear. I think I will ask one of my friends if I can hold their baby :) I don't miss the sleepless nights a new baby brings for sure. Remind me of this tomorrow when all 5 of my kids are making tons of noise. LOL.
#5 is out of pull ups officially, so my diaper days are officially over.. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It was so cold out this past week, but yesterday was slightly warmer. (28 Fahrenheit) However, we got a few inches of snow that melted and then froze over today so it was kind of hard to walk around. I didn't bother with the stroller and walked all 4 of them to school. Then I stop off at the bakery to buy bread and already its starting. The "its cold out you need to stay home all winter lecture" First of all, if you are dressed properly, which #5 was, in snow pants, a heavy jacket, gloves, and a hat, there is no reason not to take her out. Who the hell stays home all winter??? IF there was a wind chill warning, that's a different story, but there was NOT! why can't people shut the hell up and mind their damn business?? the next time I get a dirty look simply for being out with my kids walking in the winter I am so tempted to tell them to shove it. I think its a Toronto thing, I don't remember this happening when I was growing up in NJ.

In other news, my dad was in the hospital today. he was home alone and had a panic attack, and thought he was having trouble breathing, so he called 911. he was in the hospital all day, they ran tests and determined it was a panic attack. (he was at the hospital who took care of my grandma when she had her fatal heart attack.) THey won't treat him for his depression as he has no health insurance. My aunts want to bring him back to that horrible hospital again next week. I want him to get help but not at that horrible place. My sister is going to speak to my dad's psychologist and see if he can recommend some places my dad could go to that are better. I am so worried about my dad. he really is suffering.. :( Severe depression is just as serious as any physical disease..,its just as debilitating. Anyway hubby wants the computer now and I want to go relax and read..

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

yet another update on my dad

The doctors at the hospital my dad was at are a bunch of incompetent morons. I wrote them a letter of complaint, not that it will do any good, but I felt I had to say something as to the horrible treatment my dad received there. First of all, my dad was there for depression only. My alcoholic aunt, in her ignorant stupidity, wrote on the intake form that my dad has deep emotional problems, instead of just depression. So right from the start my dad was treated rudely. For the first two days my dad was given his meds without any problem. Then, yesterday afternoon, the hospital psychiatrist, who maybe met with my dad for all of 5 minutes, told my dad it said in the file he was hallucinating and hearing voices and he is going to a psych. hospital. My sister and aunts were witness that my dad was okay except for depression., and none of this ever took place. Falsifying medical records are a criminal offense. That's the first thing the doctor did wrong. Second of all, my dad has sleep apnea and is on a c-pap machine to help him at night with breathing. He was not allowed to bring it to the hospital, so the hospital had one for him to use there. he could not be on the psych. ward on the hospital because of the machine. When my dad told the doc he is not going to the psych. hospital, the doc said, okay, then the depression ward of this hospital then, but we don't have a sleep apnea machine there. So my dad says, what happens when I stop breathing at night from my apnea?? and the doc said, if you cease breathing we'll bring you to ICU. that's strike 2 on this shmuck of a doctors part. My dad then called my other aunt, the controlling one, but luckily is normal otherwise pretty much, who called her lawyer. My aunt signed out my dad against medical advice, taking full responsibility for him. We are all so upset about my dad's treatment at the hospital. I hope my aunt pursues a law suit against the hospital. My aunt was so furious as was I and my sister on my dad's treatment there. At least my dad has his meds, but he is going to have to live with my alchoholic aunt soon and I don't know how he is supposed to get better living like that. He also has no job. I am worried sick about him. i wish he would just call that Lubavitch rabbi who tried to do kiruv with him, in NJ. I asked my NJ rabbi to help, but he had no ideas on how to help my dad. I was very disappointed. I am so worried what will be with my dad.

Anyway, its lunch time now, so I will post more later this week G-d willing.

Monday, December 01, 2008


My dad is in a room now. they started him on celexa and welbutrin, so hopefully it will help him. I am not sure when he is going to be discharged.

It is so hard to be far away when these things happen to your parents. Just like when my grandmother was niftar this past August and I was not able to see her or go to the levaya. it sucks. I can't visit my dad. My sister is going to visit him him this afternoon.