A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Attack of the Chicken Pox

We are under attack by the "chicken pox" here in my house. On Thursday night, while bathing my oldest, I saw a pimple behind his ear. I just figured it was a bug bite, and it didn't seem to bother him at all, so I didn't give it much thought. On Friday, when picking him up from camp, his counselor told me she noticed some more on his back, and behind the other ear. She had taken him to the camp nurse, who thought it was just mosquito bites. The camp counselor was a bit worried as she had not yet had chicken pox.

While waiting for the TTC to come, I noticed even more "bug bites" on his legs and scalp. An elderly lady also waiting at the stop got very anxious when she saw me counting the spots and moved far away from my son, saying she didn't want to get shingles. (can't blame the lady, I hear shingles are quite painful). I took my son to a friend's house who is a nurse and she said it was definitely not mosquito bites, but probably chicken pox and time will tell if it really is. Time certainly told..by Shabbos he was covered with them all over.

I did have a medvisit doctor (doctor housecall service here in the GTA) take a look and she thought it was chicken pox except for the fact it didn't look like a water blister. She thought maybe it was hand foot and mouth disease (except it was all over and not in the right spots for it to be that.) I am positive he has chicken pox. He has them everywhere, in the tushy, on his legs, on his face, scalp, back, tummy, ears throat, tongue, and neck. They are still breaking out even now, motzei shabbos. I have been using calamine lotion on the external ones but tomorrow I must get some Aveeno. Just looking at him makes me itchy..Poor kid :( Telehealth nurses I spoke to told me to swab some antacid on the one on his tongue and it will stop it from hurting.

My other two will also probaby come down with it. I just hope my 8 month old doesn't get it till after his ear tube surgery on August 11th or else they will make me cancel and and we will have to wait another 2 months for the surgery, during which he will just keep getting ear infections..

I am slightly worried as there is a question on whether or not I am immunue to the chicken pox as I had a very mild case of it when I was 13 years old. I only had about 3 or 4 spots in total. I was told I may be immune, but I may not have had a bad enough case to make me immune. I had stupidly put off getting the blood test done..but from what I hear, chances are good enough I am immune and even if I get it, I am 18 weeks along, and it should be ok. Apparently its only really bad to have if you are in the first trimester or the last trimester.

Hopefully the attack of the chicken pox won't last too much longer. At least my son got it now, before school started, though I feel bad he will have to miss some camp.

Thursday, July 29, 2004


Here is my "vent of the day" Ok Ok, I am chalking this up to my pregnancy hormones..but I am so fed up with obnoxious people who feel they have to tell me what my kids should or should not be doing every tiime I ride the TTC. (toronto bus) I even had one lady on the crowded bus grab my oldest kid's arm and pulled her to him so he could sit on her lap. umm..Hello??? You are a stranger lady, take your hands off my kid!! (no, I didn't say that but I wish I did.) I am too polite. I just told her I prefer my son stays with me, I am his mother . (ya, thanks for grabbing his arm and scaring the crap out of him :( I was really really mad. If she wanted him to sit so badly why not just get up and give the poor kid a seat? Let alone his pregnant mother...that is for another post though..people who are capable of giving up their seat to a senior or pregnant person and just stare through you like you are not there..)

Then, there are the yentas who have to inform me of what my kids are doing with a disapproving tone, like I am totally clueless. The other day I had this lady tell me to sshh, your baby is sleeping. She also was upset later on when he woke up that he was chewing on a part of the material from the stroller which is firmly attached to the stroller and is in NO way a choking hazard. I got kind of snippy by this point and told her it was fine.

I also had this one lady who was yelling at me for my baby not wearing socks (it was almost 85 degrees out!!!! GIve me a break!!!). she was also upset that my daughter took off her shoes and socks (she was also in the stroller, it is a tandem stroller). She was giving me an argument about how they should aways wear socks. I tried to be polite but in the end I told her to mind her own business, she has no right to tell a stranger what to do. if they are just sitting in the stroller and its extremely hot out there is no harm in being barefoot. Hey, if I was a kid in a stroller in hot weather I bet it would feel very nice to get to air your feet out :)

I am not a chutzpadig person. I could not imagine ever telling a complete stranger my opinion on what they should be doing with their child. If a person approaches me very aggressively, then I am going to get very annoyed and defensive. On the other hand though, If I am having a conversation wtih someone who suggests someting nicely, and they are not overly pushy about it, then that is ok with me. It just seems the people I have been having experiences with, on this bus line are very pushy. It's just the area the bus runs through. I never have this problem on any other bus line except this one in particular. I can't wait till summer is over and then I won't have to take the TTC as much.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Ear tubes!!! AAK.

Today, I had my lil 8 month old son in to the doc for his pre-surgery assessment. He is going to have ear tube surgery on August 11 G-d willing as he has had continuous ear infections due to the eustacian tube not draining the fluid. He is on antiobiotics right now for over a week and it's not getting better, so the doc gave me a prescription for him for a liquid version of bactrim to be taken once a day until the day before the surgery. I am a bit worried about that as I had a very bad allergic reaction to sulfa. In fact, I don't know anyone who has not had a reaction to it, except for maybe one person. My pediatrician told me just because I am allergic doesn't necessarily mean my lil one will be. I am definitely going to keep a close eye on him when he is on this medicine. I am also supposed to encourage him to drink a lot of water. That should be interesting :)

On the way back from the pharmacy (I had gotten the prescription filled for my lil one) I bumped into someone I knew who I had not seen in a long time. When I told her how far a long I was (17 1/2 weeks), I got the response of: That's it? you are big already. I bumped into my doula later and she reassured me I am a normal size for my stage of pregnancy :) *whew* Because If I was big now, then what will I look like in 22 1/2 weeks from now LOL :) I guess she has not read my list of the top 5 things not to say to a pregnant person :P

Hair cut time!

I had my almost 4 year old's hair cut today, as well as my 2 year old daughter. My daughter sat so nicely this time for her hair cut , though she was not too thrilled when the stylist sprayed her hair with water. But she actually let him cut it without a struggle. The other few times we had her hair cut, we had to bribe her with a toy or snack to get her to sit still. She was quite upset the first few times of getting her hair cut. My son as well.. It's not like getting a hair cut hurts or anything. I think its just seeing something that was attached to you (the hair) fall on the floor. That's just my guess.
My oldest son loved getting his hair cut today. I made the mistake of telling the barber "cut it as short as possible". The last time I told him that it was great. Not too short, just the right length. This time it was VERY VERY short. Let's just say he won't need a hair cut for some time. :) He now looks like a chosid. I told the barber when my hubby comes in later for a hair cut to do it the same way. :PP hehhee I did mention to the barber I was joking but I did have hubby worried there for a minute when I told him what I said :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

the top five things NOT to say to a pregnant lady

5. wow, you are huge! are you having twins? (said to me when I was pregnant with #3)
4. So, you're done after this right? why do you want more?
3 Couldn't you wait until one of your kids is out of diapers?
2. I was in labour for 40 hours and then I ended up with a c-section. (thanks for scaring the crap out of me :)
1. You are going to have your hands full after the baby is born. (Thanks for the vote of confidence)

Gee, is it hot in here??

I have learned an important lesson today :) Be VERY careful when you cook with olive oil. Yesterday, before the fast, I made some pollock with olive oil and seasonings on a cookie sheet. I learned quickly that was not the best idea as some of the oil leaked out and started to flare up. I put it out, and finished cooking the fish. Today I had the brilliant idea to self clean my oven to get rid of the residue of the olive oil. That was a REALLY REALLY bad idea. It caused a fire in the oven which I could not put out as the oven locks when its in self clean mode until it cools off. I was upstairs when I noticed it seemed a bit smoky and I had a headache. The house got filled with smoke, to the point where my eyes hurt and watered and my throat burned. I opened up the windows upstairs. I happened to check the carbon monoxide detector, which had a reading of 40. A low reading but definitetly bad. So I opened up the front and back door, and the reading went to zerio almost immediately. I was worried about the carbon monoxide because I am 17 weeks pregnant, so I called Mother Risk (a service in the GTA that answers questions related to things that are safe or not safe to be exposed to during pregnancy.) Mother Risk told me that because it was a low level for a short time, it should be okay but the only way to know for sure is to go the ER and have blood drawn. I am not going though because I will be stuck there waiting endlessly, and besides, I am going for an ultrasound next week.

I think from now on I will be extra careful when cooking with oil. Now I just have to figure out how to get the rest of the gunk out of the oven before I cook again so I can avoid a repeat.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

It's a bird, it's a plane,

No...it's the baby! :) No, not my 8 month old! B"H, it's the one that is in my belly right now tickling me :) I thought I was feeling him/her earlier in the week but wasn't sure, but tonight, during the Spider-man 2 movie, I am almost positive I felt him. (for future reference, or until I know the gender, it's easier to just refer to the baby as him, but I do not know the gender! I am telling you the truth :P and once I do find out, I am going to tease everyone with the knowledge without letting on :P
I guess the babe enjoys spider-man, what can I say? :)
Sometimes I like to eat sugary stuff because it makes the baby kick more, but I better not do that too much or I will look like the good year blimp :)

I am having fun with people's reactions when they see I am B"H pregnant again with baby #4. Some are shocked (well, actually most are shocked) and I have had more than a few rude comments, but in general, mostly good reactions. :)

Follow up to the moldy cheese

Today I phoned the store where I bought the cheese. I asked for the manager, but got the owner. I was very nice and calm and told him he might want to check the kosher dairy as I bought cheese there Friday morning and ate most of it before discovering it had expired. He then told me "moldy cheese is good for you". I could not remember the name brand of the cheese I bought (it occured to me after I hung up it was the cheese Lover's brand) but he told me he would check anyway. Maybe I have hopefully saved some people going through the same disgusting incident I did :) I am feeling much better today B"H. But I think I will lay off the cheese for a long while :)

Honest Ed's...

Today was honest Ed's 90th birthday bash at his Honest Ed's store on Bloor Street. I popped in briefly because I was in the area to buy something at a near-by store. It was jam packed and looked like it was a lot of fun. They had closed off the street, and there were over 1,000 people there. There was a stage and someone singing, and a camera crew for a television station. I didn't stick around because I can't hear music due to the nine days. I also popped into the store itself briefly but was a good girl and did not buy anything. (tempting though it was :)

I also saw the new Spider-Man 2 movie tonight with hubby, and it was excellent! I highly recommend it to everyone. It had a little bit of everything to keep both genders happy. :) It had some excellent action scenes, and some great sentimental romantic scenes with Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst). I can't wait for part 3, which is not due to be released until 2006. Now, if I can only convince hubby to see The Notebook with me :) (I read the book, which was sad but a great read.)

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Spoiled cheese..thanks for the food poisoning...

I am sitting here feeling sick to my stomach and hoping typing in my blog will keep me from hurling...I am very peeved at a certain discount grocery store here in the GTA. I have had negative experiences in the past over the years with them selling out of date products. This time, I bought some cheese (colby). My 2 year old was having a kvetch fest in the supermarket, so I rushed and did not check the date, figuring its probably okay. On erev shabbos I ate some, and then I had some more for breakfast on shabbos and, since I have made a pareve cholent, more in the afternoon. I discovered black mold on the bottom of the cheese and promptly tossed it out. I checked the date on it finally, and saw it was "best if used by May 1, 2004" AAAAH. It is now July 24th!! Apparently they are not taking good care of their kosher milchigs section. There is no excuse for selling cheese that is out of date for almost 3 months. I just fired off an email to their head office. I ate spoiled cheese without realizing it and now am sick to my stomach.
I started freaking out a bit after the cheese incident, because I am pregnant and I was worried it would have a negative effect on the babe. I walked to my doula's house, and she told me the worst that would happen is I would get food poisoning, but the babe will be ok. She told me one of her friends bought an entenmann's cake there, got about half way through it, and discovered it was out of date and full of mold. I also remember an incident a few years ago, (well, about 5 years ago) when I was living in the all women's wing at the dorms, surviving off of tradition soups and the like. I had bought some tradition pastry tarts. It tasted funny but I didn't think anything of it. When I noticed one day it was actually green, I checked the date and saw it was expired at least a year. Something needs to be done at this store. Yes, we, the consumer should be checking dates, but the store should be more careful in not selling things that are way past the best if used by date. I can understand a week or 2, but months, and years past the best if used by date is inexcusable. Thanks for the food poisoning guys..you've lost a customer...

Thursday, July 22, 2004

My 16 week check up and other tidbits...

I had my 16 week check up at my OB's office today. I heard the heart beat B"H, got the requisition for part II of the IPS. (this new testing to detect downs syndrome, and a few other things. It is supposed to be more accurate than the triple screen.) It is also known as nuchal translucency. I also have a bad bladder infection and my ob gave me a prescription for macrobid. I am going for my 18 week level II ultrasound on august 5th, at which I may or may not discover the gender, depending on the babe's mood that day.
The plebotomist in the lab was so obnoxious. I have a slight cold and she yelled at me not to breathe on her and why was I in her lab when I had a cold. She claims that the doctors office down the hall had to close their office for a week because someone had a flu. I have never heard of anything like that happening before and one normally does not stop their daily routine because of a minor cold. All I have is some minor sniffles and a bit of achiness and sore throat. That is not enough to make me stay inside all day. The main thing is that she drew blood on the first try and it didn't hurt, so I don't care too much that she was rude. It is actually somewhat entertaining. :)

In other news, I WON something today! Yes, after 2 years of entering contests, I finally won something other than a free sample. I won a big bookbag full of goodies from Johnson and Johnson. It came filled with a bunch of stuff, including a few bottles of moisterizer, from aveeno and nutragena, some skin care products from Johnson and Johnson, a face wash for men, (Hubby will enjoy that :) self tanner, a flosser, some skin sheets that absorb excess oil, and a few other things that I am too lazy to type out :)
Well, that's it for now...

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Birds of a feather...

I just saw the most beautiful saddest thing in my backyard. There were a pair of mourning birds in my back yard. One, the female bird, is dead, and the spouse is there watching over her. He is just sitting there on my back step and he has been there for hours and when I opened my back door, he did not fly away but continued sitting there, making no signs of leaving his beloved. I tried to feed him some bread, but he refused and other birds flew down and gobbled it up. I think he is mourning her. I never knew birds were like humans in that regards. I didn't realize a male bird would sit near its deceased partner and watch over her. I have also never seen such beautiful birds such as these. At first glance, I just thought it was a bizarre looking pigeon, but on closer examination. it is definitely not a pigeon. It has dark gray feathers with a ring of green around the neck and beautiful bright white tail feathers, and greenish yellow sort of eyes. The deceased female bird is plainer looking with just dark gray and light gray feathers. I did't know what to do about it, so I called a number given to me from the goverment and someone is going to come remove the dead bird. I feel bad for the spouse. I wonder what will become of him.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It was raining today. No not just a normal rain. Apparently, we had a severe thunderstorm warning to which I was unaware and thus unprepared, and was on the bus when it started pouring out with 2 of my 3 kids. We were on our way to pick up the oldest one from camp. Due to the fact it was pouring buckets, we were trapped at the camp for almost an hour, while I was trying to arrange a way for us to get home. One cab company I called should be ashamed of themselves. They wanted $32 to pick me up with a van, for a $15 cab ride. Thiefs..
I was freaking out, and was asking around the camp for someone to do a chesed, and just give us a quick lift. It was really pouring, and we would have all gotten soaked at the bus stop. Since no one could give us a lift, it occured to me to try a different cab company. They were more than happy to accomodate me for a normal price, with a van. Just after I called though, it had stopped raining, so I cancelled the cab and took the bus. This would not have been such a bad ordeal had my little camper..kid #1 who is almost 4, behave. He was all over the place, which made it even more difficult to try to arrange a way home. In addition, babe #2, who is a little over 2 years old, decided she doesn't want to wear a diaper, and kept undoing her diaper. (she was wearing a dress so she had access to it). She also decided to try to join her brother in giving mommy a work out, and attempted to climb out of the stroller, to which she was unsuccsessful due to the seat belt. (I had quite the work out today LOL).

Later on in the evening, I had to go out again several times. First to pick up some yummy pizza, then, to get a prescription filled for babe #3. I had taken him to his pediatrician that morning, because I thought he had an ear infection. The doc said he was fine, but mother's instinct prevails. I called a doc who makes housecalls late in the day, and I was right. Babe #3 has an ear infection. It probably was not yet out there yet when the pediatrician checked him that morning.

After I picked up the prescription, I thought I was done running around for the day. I was exhausted, being 16 weeks pregnant and doing all this shlepping. I would have been done had someone not knocked my cell phone down off the shelf where it was charging, and knocking my SIM card loose. We just assumed it had fallen out of the phone, as the battery fell out when it fell. We tore the room apart to no avail. So I ran back out to Radio Shack to get a new SIM card, where the manager there discovered the card was still IN the phone! ARG! It was just not in the right spot, so I didn't see it, and that also would explain why hubby and I could not find it on the floor. So I shlepped there for nothing. (well, not exactly for nothing... I picked up 5 pairs of socks for hubby for 10 bucks. A darn good price!). Hopefully tomorrow will be a better, less stressful and rainfree day. Just in case I will just carry the rain guard for the stroller with me. that way it for sure won't rain because I will be prepared :P

Monday, July 19, 2004


I saw the cardiologist today and B"H everything is ok, normal. I do have sinus tachycardia but a normal rhythm. He ran some tests...I had a stress test, a 6 second electrocardiogram read out, and an ultrasound of my heart, which showed a fast but normal pulse, B"H. The ultrasound tech was also pregnant and I made a joke to her she could check out the baby if she wants. so she did. She let me see my lil peanut :) He/she did a flip and went to sleep. My little acrobat in training :) :

Anyways, the end result is, the doc said the tachycardia was caused by a combination of being pregnant with 3 little ones at home and me doing the job of 5 people. He said I am probably not getting enough rest as I should. Being I also happen to snore when I am pregnant (sshhh...don't tell anyone I snore please :P) I could have a bit of sleep apnea, which would make my pulse race during the day. I already had my thyroid tested and it was normal. I am seeing my family doc Wednesday as a follow up and to see if he wants me to go to a sleep disorders clinic to see if I do indeed have sleep apnea. I have to go back to the cardiologist at the end of October.

Well, that's about it for now...

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Why hiring a doula for pregnancy is great!!!!

I have hired a doula for all my pregnancies, and I highly recommend hiring one to anyone. For those who don't know what a doula is, it is a woman who is trained on how to support and coach a woman during her pregnacy and labour. Some also offer post partum support too. Even though my hubby is very supportive, it is good to have someone who is professionally trained who knows exactly what to do if something goes wrong G-d forbid, and is knowledgeable enough to speak to the doctors and nurses regarding medical issues that may occur during the labour/delivery. Also if you have problems post partum physically, or even with the baby blues, she will able to help you through that also and answer most questions you may have.

I had a nurse/doula for my first pregnancy, in which I was induced and had an extremely long labour with an incompetent resident doctor trying to deliver baby #1 who was stuck due to being in a posterior position with the big part of his head trying to present first, makkng him good and stuck. She helped mediate between me and this moron doctor, who, if I had known then what I know now, I would have thrown the resident out of the room and gotten someone else. (It was a teaching hospital so there were other resident docs who could have attended). In fact the other residents checked in and told her something was wrong, along with my doula, and the moron doc ignored everyone. Finally the chief of staff came in after 2 hours of unsuccessful pushing, and 17 hours of labour, and prepped me for c-section, though they managed to get baby #1 out on the second attempt with forceps. My doula stuck by me and my husband throughout this entire horrible ordeal, and came to visit me a few times after I got home from the hospital. (Let me just say thanks to the moron doc. because of her stupidity I ended up with a lot of stitches, a prolapsed bladder/uterus, and I could not sit down normally for months. Thank G-d for the boppy pillow. :)

For pregnancies 2-4 (present) I used a different doula, one who was trained as a midwife (she doesn't practice as one due to time contstraints..she B"H has a large family and being a midwife is like being an ob/gyn where you have to do tests, etc.) and is a herbalist, (she also happens to be a reflexologist too! She is super cool! I love her!! :) I liked the idea of using some remedies to help get labour started, or to help some minor problems along the way. (I never wanted to be induced again.) Also, using a midwife trained doula allows her to check my cervix at home, and see if my waters had broken using a special strip, where doula #1 was not allowed to do so. That is great, as i was able to labour at home until I was almost fully dilated, and just go to the hospital an hour or 2 before baby makes his/her appearance. (Though the last time with #3, I started getting a mild urge to push while Father in Law was drivng me, hubby and doula to the hosptal :) (No one believed me, until after I was checked by the L&D nurse and found to be 9 1/2 cm dilated :) I still insisted on an epidural, and then I told nurse I had to push, and she didn't believe me, so I just started pushing, and baby was crowning before the epidural was completed LOL (I should have listened to everyone and not gotten one but labour #3 was just so horribly painful I was having trouble managing the contractions)
Anyways, my doula stuck by me throughout the pregnancies and labours, and post partum. She answered all my questions, talked to me when I was having hormonal fits and burst into tears :) (those pregnacy hormones are really wild LOL). I could never imagine having a pregnancy/labour withouth a doula.

So, if you are pregnant, and want some extra support, I highly recommend hiring a doula! It can only be a positive experience, and will only make things easier for you! :)

Breathlessness and pregnancy

I am now 16 weeks pregnant, B"H. For the past few weeks, I've been feeling breathless. Even though this is my fourth pregnancy, I don't know if this is normal or not. I was in an urgent care walk in clinic 3 weeks ago because I felt breathless and had a racing pulse. They hooked me up to a heart monitor and told me, after a few hours of observation, I had a sinus tachycardia, but other than that, everything else, including some bloodwork they did was normal. The doc told me to see my own family doc, which I did, the next day. He referred me to a cardiologist, which, because I am pregnant, I got into see rather fast, instead of the standard 6 month canadian health care is going down the tubes wait. (I will save that for a whole different article) (I am going tomorrow to the cardiologist). But here I sit, being a worrywart, because I feel out of breath just from cleaning up from shabbos and vacuuming, and picking up the toys..hey...maybe I am just DOING TOO MUCH??? :) Maybe it's time to employ the hubby in some housework. :)

seriously, though, my doula (trained labour coach, who, BTW was trained as a midwife but doesn't practice as one due to time constraints (she has 7 kids bli eyen horah) told me she has lots of girls with sinus tachycardia who are pregnant and have other small kids at home. It usually turns out to be from benign causes and nothing to worry about. (yeah, tell that to a worrywart though LOL) She gave me a homeopathic remedy to take (she is also a herbalist. Did I tell you I think she is totally amazing??? :) called Bach's rescue remedy. Sometimes it helps, once in a while it doesn't. but it usually helps more than not. Well, the verdict will be out tomorrow after I am seen by the cardiologist. Wish me luck!! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


No, not for white rice or maggots :) Even though I am thorougly nauseated by the garbage in the garage incident, I felt a strong urge to eat salsa and chips, which prompted me to write about cravings during pregnancy. It seems I can not get enough of salsa and tortilla chips. In fact, who needs chips, just give me the jar of salsa LOL. Last night I made these wraps with fried beef, salsa and refried beans. YUMMY! :) (before I was frum, I would have added sour cream to it..but now, being I am a frummy, I can't).
that brings me to another craving I've been getting..sour cream. Maybe tomorrow I will make some onion dip, and have pretzels with them.

Another craving I've been getting is chocolate chips mixed in with broken pretzel pieces. :) before this salsa craze, I had a thing for buffalo wings, and at the beginning of my pregnancy, I was craving shanghai noodles, with wonton soup.

I can't remember what I craved with my other 3 kiddies, but don't worry, it was not pickles and ice cream :) In fact I don't know 1 pregnant person who has ever eaten something like that before. well, I am going to go now..there is a jar of salsa in the fridge with my name on it :)

Garbage and hot weather

I am going to throw up, and it's not from morning sickness. Tomorrow is garbage pick up, so tonight we bring the garbage bags that add up from waste during the week from the garage to the curb. So, I go about my normal routine, picking up a bag from the garage and bringing it to the curb. As I set down the bag, I noticed it was slightly ripped and white wiggly things on it. UCH!! It seems they were maggots, attracted by the left over meat we had thrown out and the torn garbage bag must have given them access to it. I yelled for my hubby to come throw out the rest of the garbage, while screaming about bugs. (I wonder what my neighbors are thinking LOL) In case you haven't noticed I am bug-phobic :) He lifted up another bag to throw out, and hundreds of white wiggly things were under there. I ran into the house, phoned my mother in law for help. She suggested using some bleach (which we did not have on hand, so we improvised). first we sprayed them with easy off, then took a bucket of lysol and water and dumped the water all over the floor in the garage and washed these nasty buggers out. I hope the garbage people don't mind touching disgusting buggy bags of garbage. For next week I better invest in some outdoor garbage cans with wheels, or make sure the bags don't get a tear in them. What a disgusting experience. I don't think I can eat white rice for a while :)

Monday, July 12, 2004

Guess the gender

I came aross an interesting site, which I find humorous. http://www.babyman.net Of course there is only 1 real way to find out the exact gender of your unborn baby..that is to give birth. I tend to find I usually get an instinct as to what gender baby I am carrying. I was right 2 out of 3 times. With baby #1, I was so sure it was a girl, until I went overdue and had to get a biophysical ultrasound done, where I discovered my little girl had an appendage LOL.

This time I have a good feeling as to what I am having, but I will keep it a secret. I will just say, that babyman.net guessed the gender, and it is the same one as my instinct. I will probably have a routine level II ultrasound at 18 weeks, which may or may not be able to detect the gender, depending on the babe's position in utero. I will be happy with whatever gender baby G-d blesses me with, but I am impatient and it's hard to wait in suspense for 40 weeks not knowing what you are having :) WIth #3, he was being modest so we couldn't tell. I only found out a few weeks later, when I was in L&D for a placental abruption, and the technician happened to stumble onto the gender while checking to see why the heck I was bleeding and having contractions. (I had a bad fall the day before)

Hopefully, Im Yirtze Hashem, this pregnancy will be uneventful..I do have to see a cardiologist on Monday as I had a few episodes of sinus tachycardia though. My doula (professional labour coach) tells me this is normal for busy moms who are pregnant and it's usually harmless. She gave me this herbal remedy to take called "Bach's Rescue Remedy" which seems to have done the trick in calming it down. Anyways, I am calling it a night now, I am exhausted. Good night!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Pedestrians and the sidewalk

Ok, I have a slight vent to make. It's about peole who bike or jog on the sidewalk and for people who drive. Likely, you, the reader, are one of these people. First, here is some advice for those who jog or bike on the sidewalk. When you see a pregnant lady pushing a tandem stroller and has a 3 1/2 year old walking next to the stroller, trying to break away from his mother's grasp at the same time, don't come barrelling down the sidwalk, ringing your bell at me, or almost knock me down. Please be considerate and go around me. I obviously have my hands full at that moment and can not easily push the stroller and my toddler out of your path but you can easily just go around me. Besides, you are supposed to be riding your bike in the street! (although, here in Toronto that is probably risking your life, so it's probably better to stick to the side walk). Have some consideration! Thank you. :)

And for those who drive and must go through the cross walk in order to do so, please pay attention! Twice last month I almost got run over by people speeding while making a left, when I was just simply crossing with the pedestrian sign across the street . Be aware! and again, have some consideration! Pedestrians have the right of way though we are very concious of the cars. And DON'T gab on your cell phone while making a turn. the lady speeding who came within half of an inch from me was so busy gabbing on the phone she didn't realize what almost took place.

there. that is my "Vent of the Day".
Have a good day, and drive safely! :)

Hi! An introduction

Hi! Welcome to my blog. Before I start my ramblings, I will give a bit of background about myself so you can know a bit of the person behind the words, in case you do not alreay know me. I am a 26 year old (almost 27) married frum (orthodox) Jew, (Baalas tshuvah for 6 years). I have three kids bli eyen horah, and a fourth on the way due G-d willing on January 1st. I am currently 15 weeks along. We reside in the Greater Toronto Area, but I grew up in a small town in New Jersey. I never finished university, but I was majoring in English. If I ever get a chance to go back to university I would rather major in something else, probably something in the business or health field.
Anyway, welcome to my blog, and enjoy my ramblings :)