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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Birds of a feather...

I just saw the most beautiful saddest thing in my backyard. There were a pair of mourning birds in my back yard. One, the female bird, is dead, and the spouse is there watching over her. He is just sitting there on my back step and he has been there for hours and when I opened my back door, he did not fly away but continued sitting there, making no signs of leaving his beloved. I tried to feed him some bread, but he refused and other birds flew down and gobbled it up. I think he is mourning her. I never knew birds were like humans in that regards. I didn't realize a male bird would sit near its deceased partner and watch over her. I have also never seen such beautiful birds such as these. At first glance, I just thought it was a bizarre looking pigeon, but on closer examination. it is definitely not a pigeon. It has dark gray feathers with a ring of green around the neck and beautiful bright white tail feathers, and greenish yellow sort of eyes. The deceased female bird is plainer looking with just dark gray and light gray feathers. I did't know what to do about it, so I called a number given to me from the goverment and someone is going to come remove the dead bird. I feel bad for the spouse. I wonder what will become of him.


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