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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, July 29, 2004


Here is my "vent of the day" Ok Ok, I am chalking this up to my pregnancy hormones..but I am so fed up with obnoxious people who feel they have to tell me what my kids should or should not be doing every tiime I ride the TTC. (toronto bus) I even had one lady on the crowded bus grab my oldest kid's arm and pulled her to him so he could sit on her lap. umm..Hello??? You are a stranger lady, take your hands off my kid!! (no, I didn't say that but I wish I did.) I am too polite. I just told her I prefer my son stays with me, I am his mother . (ya, thanks for grabbing his arm and scaring the crap out of him :( I was really really mad. If she wanted him to sit so badly why not just get up and give the poor kid a seat? Let alone his pregnant mother...that is for another post though..people who are capable of giving up their seat to a senior or pregnant person and just stare through you like you are not there..)

Then, there are the yentas who have to inform me of what my kids are doing with a disapproving tone, like I am totally clueless. The other day I had this lady tell me to sshh, your baby is sleeping. She also was upset later on when he woke up that he was chewing on a part of the material from the stroller which is firmly attached to the stroller and is in NO way a choking hazard. I got kind of snippy by this point and told her it was fine.

I also had this one lady who was yelling at me for my baby not wearing socks (it was almost 85 degrees out!!!! GIve me a break!!!). she was also upset that my daughter took off her shoes and socks (she was also in the stroller, it is a tandem stroller). She was giving me an argument about how they should aways wear socks. I tried to be polite but in the end I told her to mind her own business, she has no right to tell a stranger what to do. if they are just sitting in the stroller and its extremely hot out there is no harm in being barefoot. Hey, if I was a kid in a stroller in hot weather I bet it would feel very nice to get to air your feet out :)

I am not a chutzpadig person. I could not imagine ever telling a complete stranger my opinion on what they should be doing with their child. If a person approaches me very aggressively, then I am going to get very annoyed and defensive. On the other hand though, If I am having a conversation wtih someone who suggests someting nicely, and they are not overly pushy about it, then that is ok with me. It just seems the people I have been having experiences with, on this bus line are very pushy. It's just the area the bus runs through. I never have this problem on any other bus line except this one in particular. I can't wait till summer is over and then I won't have to take the TTC as much.


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