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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


No, not for white rice or maggots :) Even though I am thorougly nauseated by the garbage in the garage incident, I felt a strong urge to eat salsa and chips, which prompted me to write about cravings during pregnancy. It seems I can not get enough of salsa and tortilla chips. In fact, who needs chips, just give me the jar of salsa LOL. Last night I made these wraps with fried beef, salsa and refried beans. YUMMY! :) (before I was frum, I would have added sour cream to it..but now, being I am a frummy, I can't).
that brings me to another craving I've been getting..sour cream. Maybe tomorrow I will make some onion dip, and have pretzels with them.

Another craving I've been getting is chocolate chips mixed in with broken pretzel pieces. :) before this salsa craze, I had a thing for buffalo wings, and at the beginning of my pregnancy, I was craving shanghai noodles, with wonton soup.

I can't remember what I craved with my other 3 kiddies, but don't worry, it was not pickles and ice cream :) In fact I don't know 1 pregnant person who has ever eaten something like that before. well, I am going to go now..there is a jar of salsa in the fridge with my name on it :)


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