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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hair cut time!

I had my almost 4 year old's hair cut today, as well as my 2 year old daughter. My daughter sat so nicely this time for her hair cut , though she was not too thrilled when the stylist sprayed her hair with water. But she actually let him cut it without a struggle. The other few times we had her hair cut, we had to bribe her with a toy or snack to get her to sit still. She was quite upset the first few times of getting her hair cut. My son as well.. It's not like getting a hair cut hurts or anything. I think its just seeing something that was attached to you (the hair) fall on the floor. That's just my guess.
My oldest son loved getting his hair cut today. I made the mistake of telling the barber "cut it as short as possible". The last time I told him that it was great. Not too short, just the right length. This time it was VERY VERY short. Let's just say he won't need a hair cut for some time. :) He now looks like a chosid. I told the barber when my hubby comes in later for a hair cut to do it the same way. :PP hehhee I did mention to the barber I was joking but I did have hubby worried there for a minute when I told him what I said :)


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