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Thursday, July 22, 2004

My 16 week check up and other tidbits...

I had my 16 week check up at my OB's office today. I heard the heart beat B"H, got the requisition for part II of the IPS. (this new testing to detect downs syndrome, and a few other things. It is supposed to be more accurate than the triple screen.) It is also known as nuchal translucency. I also have a bad bladder infection and my ob gave me a prescription for macrobid. I am going for my 18 week level II ultrasound on august 5th, at which I may or may not discover the gender, depending on the babe's mood that day.
The plebotomist in the lab was so obnoxious. I have a slight cold and she yelled at me not to breathe on her and why was I in her lab when I had a cold. She claims that the doctors office down the hall had to close their office for a week because someone had a flu. I have never heard of anything like that happening before and one normally does not stop their daily routine because of a minor cold. All I have is some minor sniffles and a bit of achiness and sore throat. That is not enough to make me stay inside all day. The main thing is that she drew blood on the first try and it didn't hurt, so I don't care too much that she was rude. It is actually somewhat entertaining. :)

In other news, I WON something today! Yes, after 2 years of entering contests, I finally won something other than a free sample. I won a big bookbag full of goodies from Johnson and Johnson. It came filled with a bunch of stuff, including a few bottles of moisterizer, from aveeno and nutragena, some skin care products from Johnson and Johnson, a face wash for men, (Hubby will enjoy that :) self tanner, a flosser, some skin sheets that absorb excess oil, and a few other things that I am too lazy to type out :)
Well, that's it for now...


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