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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It was raining today. No not just a normal rain. Apparently, we had a severe thunderstorm warning to which I was unaware and thus unprepared, and was on the bus when it started pouring out with 2 of my 3 kids. We were on our way to pick up the oldest one from camp. Due to the fact it was pouring buckets, we were trapped at the camp for almost an hour, while I was trying to arrange a way for us to get home. One cab company I called should be ashamed of themselves. They wanted $32 to pick me up with a van, for a $15 cab ride. Thiefs..
I was freaking out, and was asking around the camp for someone to do a chesed, and just give us a quick lift. It was really pouring, and we would have all gotten soaked at the bus stop. Since no one could give us a lift, it occured to me to try a different cab company. They were more than happy to accomodate me for a normal price, with a van. Just after I called though, it had stopped raining, so I cancelled the cab and took the bus. This would not have been such a bad ordeal had my little camper..kid #1 who is almost 4, behave. He was all over the place, which made it even more difficult to try to arrange a way home. In addition, babe #2, who is a little over 2 years old, decided she doesn't want to wear a diaper, and kept undoing her diaper. (she was wearing a dress so she had access to it). She also decided to try to join her brother in giving mommy a work out, and attempted to climb out of the stroller, to which she was unsuccsessful due to the seat belt. (I had quite the work out today LOL).

Later on in the evening, I had to go out again several times. First to pick up some yummy pizza, then, to get a prescription filled for babe #3. I had taken him to his pediatrician that morning, because I thought he had an ear infection. The doc said he was fine, but mother's instinct prevails. I called a doc who makes housecalls late in the day, and I was right. Babe #3 has an ear infection. It probably was not yet out there yet when the pediatrician checked him that morning.

After I picked up the prescription, I thought I was done running around for the day. I was exhausted, being 16 weeks pregnant and doing all this shlepping. I would have been done had someone not knocked my cell phone down off the shelf where it was charging, and knocking my SIM card loose. We just assumed it had fallen out of the phone, as the battery fell out when it fell. We tore the room apart to no avail. So I ran back out to Radio Shack to get a new SIM card, where the manager there discovered the card was still IN the phone! ARG! It was just not in the right spot, so I didn't see it, and that also would explain why hubby and I could not find it on the floor. So I shlepped there for nothing. (well, not exactly for nothing... I picked up 5 pairs of socks for hubby for 10 bucks. A darn good price!). Hopefully tomorrow will be a better, less stressful and rainfree day. Just in case I will just carry the rain guard for the stroller with me. that way it for sure won't rain because I will be prepared :P


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