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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Spoiled cheese..thanks for the food poisoning...

I am sitting here feeling sick to my stomach and hoping typing in my blog will keep me from hurling...I am very peeved at a certain discount grocery store here in the GTA. I have had negative experiences in the past over the years with them selling out of date products. This time, I bought some cheese (colby). My 2 year old was having a kvetch fest in the supermarket, so I rushed and did not check the date, figuring its probably okay. On erev shabbos I ate some, and then I had some more for breakfast on shabbos and, since I have made a pareve cholent, more in the afternoon. I discovered black mold on the bottom of the cheese and promptly tossed it out. I checked the date on it finally, and saw it was "best if used by May 1, 2004" AAAAH. It is now July 24th!! Apparently they are not taking good care of their kosher milchigs section. There is no excuse for selling cheese that is out of date for almost 3 months. I just fired off an email to their head office. I ate spoiled cheese without realizing it and now am sick to my stomach.
I started freaking out a bit after the cheese incident, because I am pregnant and I was worried it would have a negative effect on the babe. I walked to my doula's house, and she told me the worst that would happen is I would get food poisoning, but the babe will be ok. She told me one of her friends bought an entenmann's cake there, got about half way through it, and discovered it was out of date and full of mold. I also remember an incident a few years ago, (well, about 5 years ago) when I was living in the all women's wing at the dorms, surviving off of tradition soups and the like. I had bought some tradition pastry tarts. It tasted funny but I didn't think anything of it. When I noticed one day it was actually green, I checked the date and saw it was expired at least a year. Something needs to be done at this store. Yes, we, the consumer should be checking dates, but the store should be more careful in not selling things that are way past the best if used by date. I can understand a week or 2, but months, and years past the best if used by date is inexcusable. Thanks for the food poisoning guys..you've lost a customer...


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