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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Why hiring a doula for pregnancy is great!!!!

I have hired a doula for all my pregnancies, and I highly recommend hiring one to anyone. For those who don't know what a doula is, it is a woman who is trained on how to support and coach a woman during her pregnacy and labour. Some also offer post partum support too. Even though my hubby is very supportive, it is good to have someone who is professionally trained who knows exactly what to do if something goes wrong G-d forbid, and is knowledgeable enough to speak to the doctors and nurses regarding medical issues that may occur during the labour/delivery. Also if you have problems post partum physically, or even with the baby blues, she will able to help you through that also and answer most questions you may have.

I had a nurse/doula for my first pregnancy, in which I was induced and had an extremely long labour with an incompetent resident doctor trying to deliver baby #1 who was stuck due to being in a posterior position with the big part of his head trying to present first, makkng him good and stuck. She helped mediate between me and this moron doctor, who, if I had known then what I know now, I would have thrown the resident out of the room and gotten someone else. (It was a teaching hospital so there were other resident docs who could have attended). In fact the other residents checked in and told her something was wrong, along with my doula, and the moron doc ignored everyone. Finally the chief of staff came in after 2 hours of unsuccessful pushing, and 17 hours of labour, and prepped me for c-section, though they managed to get baby #1 out on the second attempt with forceps. My doula stuck by me and my husband throughout this entire horrible ordeal, and came to visit me a few times after I got home from the hospital. (Let me just say thanks to the moron doc. because of her stupidity I ended up with a lot of stitches, a prolapsed bladder/uterus, and I could not sit down normally for months. Thank G-d for the boppy pillow. :)

For pregnancies 2-4 (present) I used a different doula, one who was trained as a midwife (she doesn't practice as one due to time contstraints..she B"H has a large family and being a midwife is like being an ob/gyn where you have to do tests, etc.) and is a herbalist, (she also happens to be a reflexologist too! She is super cool! I love her!! :) I liked the idea of using some remedies to help get labour started, or to help some minor problems along the way. (I never wanted to be induced again.) Also, using a midwife trained doula allows her to check my cervix at home, and see if my waters had broken using a special strip, where doula #1 was not allowed to do so. That is great, as i was able to labour at home until I was almost fully dilated, and just go to the hospital an hour or 2 before baby makes his/her appearance. (Though the last time with #3, I started getting a mild urge to push while Father in Law was drivng me, hubby and doula to the hosptal :) (No one believed me, until after I was checked by the L&D nurse and found to be 9 1/2 cm dilated :) I still insisted on an epidural, and then I told nurse I had to push, and she didn't believe me, so I just started pushing, and baby was crowning before the epidural was completed LOL (I should have listened to everyone and not gotten one but labour #3 was just so horribly painful I was having trouble managing the contractions)
Anyways, my doula stuck by me throughout the pregnancies and labours, and post partum. She answered all my questions, talked to me when I was having hormonal fits and burst into tears :) (those pregnacy hormones are really wild LOL). I could never imagine having a pregnancy/labour withouth a doula.

So, if you are pregnant, and want some extra support, I highly recommend hiring a doula! It can only be a positive experience, and will only make things easier for you! :)


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