A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pregnancy cravings

Boy, my cravings are really getting the better of me. Right now I can not stop eating cherrios with fresh blue berries sprinkled with sugar with no milk, linguini, cheese ravioli, and chocolate. (not all together at the same time of course, I am not THAT hungry LOL) I just bought some fresh blue berries yesterday and some red seedless grapes that smell divine. I have to get around to eating them before they get overripe.

Now, I have to vent about something that is really bothering me. Why is it that when a woman is pregnant, people think its perfectly acceptable to comment on how big they are or how much weight thave have gained? it is rude regardless of being pregnant or not pregnant. People would not dream of going up to a non pregnant woman and say, "Gee, you look exceptionally huge today. Big weight gain, huh?". The woman would be totally and justifiably offended. Well guess what? So would a pregnant woman. We pregnant women are quite aware of our ever expanding bellies, and weight gain without having to have people make tactless comments about it. Today, I was wheeling my triple stroller down to the mail box and bumped into a much older lady who I know who lives down the street. First she tells me, wow, you still have a long way to go (not really, I am due January 1st, I am 22 weeks along, so I have about 3 1/2 months left G-d willing) Then she said, gee, you must have gained a lot. I didn't (I have gained a normal amount for my pregnancy so far), and I was really offended, but because this lady is a very sweet nice lady, I just shrugged it off. Sometimes people don't think before they say something and I don't think she set out to offend me. Some people carry high, some low. I am one of those who happen to carry very high making me look bigger than I am. Also, this is my fourth pregnancy B"H, and my muscles are very relaxed, so that could be another reason I look big. Or, maybe the baby is just a big baby. Still, don't go up to a person and comment on their weight. because a woman is pregnant does not give other people a licence to be rude and make comments that they would never dream of making to a non pregnant person.
There, that is my vent for today.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Let's go to the Ex!!!

we went to the ex on sunday. for those of you who are not too sure of what the ex is, its the Canadian National Exhibition.


We had a wonderful time despite getting drenched on the way there from a sudden downpour. At least the kids were dry. Hubby and I on the other hand were soaked right through. (I guess it was good I was not wearing anything white LOL). Because it was raining out, the ex was not too crowded. There was much to see. I especially love going to see all the vendors from different countries. The food court was interesting, though most of it was treif. They did have a Hershey's stand, which was kosher. One lady noticed I was pregnant and pushing a triple stroller, and told me, You poor woman. I thought it was funny though it kind of bothers me when people make comments like that. I feel that it is a blessing to have children, and I enjoy my kids and being pregnant very much. There are days where it is tough, like in any situation, and life in general, but mostly it is wonderful. My oldest and middle child play very nicely together. The babe is still a bit too young to participate much with them at this point as he is only nine months.

At the ex, we tried our luck at the midway. We won a few prizes. I went to the "guess your age or weight" booth. The guy offered to guess my weight which I quickly said no to. (who wants anyone to guess their weight when they are almost 6 months pregnant LOL). I had him guess my age. He thought I was 30 because I have 3 kids and am almost 6 months along with my fourth. Because he was wrong (I am only 26), I got to pick out a stuffed animal. Also, a generous couple walking by gave the kids their stuffed animals they won as they were tired of shlepping it around. The kids appreciated that quite a bit.

We got a free container of Jif peanut butter and some jam from the Jif booth. There was also a venus booth for women where we could get a free water massage and get your hair and nails done but it would be really boring for hubby and company so I decided not to.

All in all, we had a wonderful (but wet) time. I can't wait till next year's CNE.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

It's done!

Today was the babe's surgery. He was scheduled for 8 am but the hospital was running a half hour behind, so he was not taken until 8:30. He was out of there by ten to nine, and I was brought to him in the recovery room where he was screaming his head off. He was bundled up like a burrito in a warmed blanket, kind of like right after you give birth and they clean off the baby, bundle him up and hand him to you. I told the nurse I feel like I gave birth to him all over again LOL. He sucked down two of the hospital sugar water bottles, and wanted more but the nurses were afraid he would throw up had we given him more. When we got home he sucked down his bottle of formula and fell asleep. He has been pretty sleepy and cranky today due to being under the general anaesthetic.

The outcome is, he had a LOT of thick fluid in both ears, which the doctor drained before putting in the tubes. He also had a bit of discharge in his left ear. (He had an infection in his left ear friday, as mentioned in a previous post) Tomorrow if I still see some drainage I am supposed to give him Cipro ear drops. We have to go back in 6 weeks for a follow up to the surgery. Hopefully now the baby wil be able to hear much better, and avoid a speech delay. B"H everything went pretty well today.

Monday, August 23, 2004

It's on!!!

The surgery. Today was the babe's 9 month check up and everything looks good B"H. The pediatrician said he can go for the ear tube surgery Wednesday. Tomorrow afternoon I need to phone the hospital to see what time he is booked for. Even though it's a minor out patient procedure, I am still very nervous about it. G-d willing everything will go smoothly and babe's ear infections will stop, or not be as frequent.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

To be postponed again????

My lil one developed an ear infection 2 hours before candle lighting this past erev shabbos despite being on bactrim to keep him ear infection free until his surgery this upcoming Wednesday. He woke up from his nap feeling very hot, and when I took his temperature, it was almost 103. My mother in law gave me a lift and we rushed him to the walk in clinic where he was diagnosed with an ear infection and put on Clavulin. We are seeing the pediatrician Monday for his nine month check up and to see if his surgery has to be postponed again. Hopefully the infection will be almost gone by tomorrow and the doc will okay the surgery. I'll soon find out.

On another note, I had my 20 week prenatal check up this past Thursday. (though I am now officially 21 weeks B"H) B"H everything looks good so far, my IPS came back good as well as the ultrasound. I did mention I know the gender, right? :) I did also mention I would tease you with the knowledge without letting on what it is too :) I was a bit taken aback by my weight gain this past month though. 7 pounds! ARG. In total my weight gain is normal, but I was upset at having gained so much in one month. You are only really supposed to gain 2 or 3 pounds a month in the second trimester. Now that I won't be near the kosher second cup (a coffee chain in Canada) as kid #1's camp is over, hopefully I wll have gained a normal amount next month. The kosher second cup has frozen hot chocolate. YUM. I am craving one right now. Good thing I am not close to the store any more :)

Now for my vent of the day: Today, we were at the dentist's office. There was another patient who was really rude.. this really nasty senior citizen lady who was giving the office a hard time, saying she wasn't being attended to, and why does she have to pay a certain amount. She also did not like kids, quite obvious by the nasty looks she was giving my children who were just sitting there playing with toys. I believe I exchanged words with her once a few years ago when she told me off for bringing my son with me to the dentist (he was an infant at the time, and all he was doing was sleeping. Sheesh) This time, my two year old daughter got the brunt of her sharp tongue. My daughter was just saying "dentist mommy, dentist" and this lady goes, why don't you shush. My pregnancy hormones and mother bear instinct got the better of me. I told her, Don't you dare talk to my daughter that way. She is only a kid. Why don't you shush? Why are you so nasty?. She said "I am shushing right now." I hope I never run into that lady again. I feel sorry for her grandkids. I thought seniors love little kids. Apparently not. Sheesh..
that's it for today :)

Monday, August 16, 2004


I have recently discovered the joy of bidding on ebay. While looking at my dismal selection of maternity clothes for the fall/winter, which has lasted through three pregnancies, I have realized they have had it and I needed to get some new ones. I looked up maternity on ebay and found a whole collection of beautiful dresses for a really good price. The first two I bid on, I was outbid on, which actually really made me mad at the time as they were beautiful dresses LOL. Ebay rage my mother calls it... What do you expect from a bunch of hormonal pregnant women who all came upon the same nice maternity dress?

Soon after I discovered more nice dresses, and bid on them. So far I have won one of them. The rest are still open for bidding till later this week. Bidding on ebay is quite addicting, and I find the competitiveness thrilling.

Now if I can just find a really good maternity coat to wear for this winter...

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The chicken pox strikes twice!!

It's baaaaaack...the chicken pox that is.. This time in babe #2 and #3. I noticed a spot on #2's neck on Friday that at first I thought was just a blemish, until I changed #3's diaper and saw many similar blemishes. I realized it was about 2 weeks since #1 had it, so I then realized they also had chicken pox. Good thing babe #3's ear tube surgery got rescheduled. They don't seem to be bothered by the chicken pox B"H. Babe #3 has a few in the diaper region and a couple on the tummy so if more don't come out in the next few days I wonder if he will still develop immunity against the chicken pox. I will have to ask the pediatrician about that. Babe #2 has chicken pox all over, neck, back, head, tummy, tushy, etc.. I bought a whole box of Aveeno oatmeal bath in case they get too itchy, but so far, so good. I hear the oatmeal bath makes a big mess in the tub.

In other news, the 1st anniversary of the blackout was this past weekend.. On the day of the black out, babe #1 and #2 were watching Dora the Explorer on TV, and I was on bed rest with #3 due to a placental abruption. All of a sudden, everything went out, and I thought it was just our building that had lost electric. But after a half hour, with 2 kids that were pretty mad at Dora's suddden departure, no fans, and no lights, I had to go with the kids down eight flights of steps. Not the best thing when you are supposed to be on bed rest. I went to my friend's house, who also had no electric. We soon found out no one in the entire area had any, and it was quite wide spread. Being there were no traffic lights, there were a lot of car accidents and I was panicking on how hubby was going to make it home ok. Actually, when he was an hour late, the pregnancy hormones kicked in and I kind of got hysterical with worry. It turned out he walked home from his work. We all met up and walked to his parents house where we stayed until Motzei Shabbos. I remember going to No Frills with my mother in law the next day and it was a freaking zoo :) It was like people had not seen food before. My in laws got electric back shortly before shabbos, but my area didn't get it back till late Sunday afternoon. We had to throw out an entire fridge worth of food that had spoiled. During shabos, I realized I had left my antibiotic at our apartment building, so I walked back and up eight flights of steps to get it and other neccessities, (such as change of clothes, more diapers, etc). Luckily I was okay, as I was not supposed to do that being I was on bed rest. Thinking back now, I don't know why I didn't make hubby go get it LOL.
That was certainly a weekend I will not soon forget. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of the blackout.

Monday, August 09, 2004

The hunt of the triple stroller

For some odd reason, Canada does not sell any triple stroller except for peg perego, which is close to $1,000, way over my stroller budget.. I had ordered a j mason triple stroller on line from a certain web site, was back ordered three times, and now back ordered indefinitely, as the stroller company had discontinued the model that was currently for sale. I finally ordered a different one from amazon.com (babysrus). They only ship to the states, so I had to pay for it to be shipped to my dad's house, and after, arrange for UPS to pick it up from his house and ship to Canada. It still works out to cheaper than buying a peg perego. I bought the baby trend triplette stroller. The current stroller I am using, a tandem, is falling apart. The wheel is falling off, the canopy is ripped, the axle is rusted. I figure I can use the triplette stroller now for my three, and then G-d willing, after the babe is born, the oldest one can walk and the younger three can ride. I am really looking forward to it arriving. :) Now I am going to have to figure out where to buy a weather shield for it. That should take me another couple of months :)

Thursday, August 05, 2004

It's a....

BABY :) I had the ultrasound today and I found out the gender. All I'll say it's either a boy or a girl :P. I showed the ultrasound pic to my oldest, and asked him, so what is this a picture of? And he answered, It's a (Insert gender here). He was right too. That was really freaky. I have no idea if he really had a feeling, or just some weird coincidence. Maybe my son is psychic LOL :)

Before my ultrasound this morning I was having a very lovely argument with my son's camp secretary. Apparenty they (the counselor and secretary) also they think they are doctors as they determined my son is still contagious. After arguing with them he wasn't, they decided to show him to the camp nurse, who also agreed with me that it was all scabbed over and he could stay. I would like to know how the secretary can call me up and yell at me for sending my son to camp and exposing 500 kids to chicken pox without even checking with the camp nurse first to see if he was even contagious. They also didn't care I was at the ultrasound clinic at the time. They expected me to leave the office in the middle of the ultrasound and come right away. Of course, after the nurse told them they were wrong, I got a nice call from them on my cell phone apologizing. I am still miffed though as I would never send my son to camp if he were still sick. I am a very responsible person. I even had the OK from the pediatrician to send him back to camp. It really bugs me that they didn't even check with a medical professional (I.e. the camp nurse) before determining he was still contagious and calling me up yelling.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Will there be a sequel to "Attack of the Chicken Pox"?

Today I went to the hopsital for my 8 1/2 month old's pre surgery clinic for his ear tube procedure. At the end of the visit, I mentioned he was exposed to chicken pox by his big brother. The nurse told me I had to reschedule the surgery, as the time of the surgery (the 11th) will the be 14th day since exposure, and even if he doesn't have the chicken pox then, if he is incubating it, he will be contagious and infect the other kids in recovery. She said it would spread over the hospital and it would be an issue of infection control. The new date of the surgery is August 25th G-d willing.

So now we just have to sit tight and wait out the next two weeks to see if the chicken pox will strike again on my daughter who is a little over 2 and my youngest. (Hopefully I will not get it....there is a question to how immune I am to it as I have only had a very mild case when I was 13. Being I am 18 1/2 weeks pregnant, there is a slight risk as the yet to be born baby can get the chicken pox virus too, but chances are low, and I am trying not to worry and remain positive that I am immune. Time will tell..)

Tomorrow I have my 18 week ultrasound. If the baby is being cooperative I may find out the gender. But you won't :P I will just tease you for the next 22 weeks :) It is more fun and interesting that way :)