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Monday, August 09, 2004

The hunt of the triple stroller

For some odd reason, Canada does not sell any triple stroller except for peg perego, which is close to $1,000, way over my stroller budget.. I had ordered a j mason triple stroller on line from a certain web site, was back ordered three times, and now back ordered indefinitely, as the stroller company had discontinued the model that was currently for sale. I finally ordered a different one from amazon.com (babysrus). They only ship to the states, so I had to pay for it to be shipped to my dad's house, and after, arrange for UPS to pick it up from his house and ship to Canada. It still works out to cheaper than buying a peg perego. I bought the baby trend triplette stroller. The current stroller I am using, a tandem, is falling apart. The wheel is falling off, the canopy is ripped, the axle is rusted. I figure I can use the triplette stroller now for my three, and then G-d willing, after the babe is born, the oldest one can walk and the younger three can ride. I am really looking forward to it arriving. :) Now I am going to have to figure out where to buy a weather shield for it. That should take me another couple of months :)


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