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Thursday, August 05, 2004

It's a....

BABY :) I had the ultrasound today and I found out the gender. All I'll say it's either a boy or a girl :P. I showed the ultrasound pic to my oldest, and asked him, so what is this a picture of? And he answered, It's a (Insert gender here). He was right too. That was really freaky. I have no idea if he really had a feeling, or just some weird coincidence. Maybe my son is psychic LOL :)

Before my ultrasound this morning I was having a very lovely argument with my son's camp secretary. Apparenty they (the counselor and secretary) also they think they are doctors as they determined my son is still contagious. After arguing with them he wasn't, they decided to show him to the camp nurse, who also agreed with me that it was all scabbed over and he could stay. I would like to know how the secretary can call me up and yell at me for sending my son to camp and exposing 500 kids to chicken pox without even checking with the camp nurse first to see if he was even contagious. They also didn't care I was at the ultrasound clinic at the time. They expected me to leave the office in the middle of the ultrasound and come right away. Of course, after the nurse told them they were wrong, I got a nice call from them on my cell phone apologizing. I am still miffed though as I would never send my son to camp if he were still sick. I am a very responsible person. I even had the OK from the pediatrician to send him back to camp. It really bugs me that they didn't even check with a medical professional (I.e. the camp nurse) before determining he was still contagious and calling me up yelling.


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