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Monday, August 30, 2004

Let's go to the Ex!!!

we went to the ex on sunday. for those of you who are not too sure of what the ex is, its the Canadian National Exhibition.


We had a wonderful time despite getting drenched on the way there from a sudden downpour. At least the kids were dry. Hubby and I on the other hand were soaked right through. (I guess it was good I was not wearing anything white LOL). Because it was raining out, the ex was not too crowded. There was much to see. I especially love going to see all the vendors from different countries. The food court was interesting, though most of it was treif. They did have a Hershey's stand, which was kosher. One lady noticed I was pregnant and pushing a triple stroller, and told me, You poor woman. I thought it was funny though it kind of bothers me when people make comments like that. I feel that it is a blessing to have children, and I enjoy my kids and being pregnant very much. There are days where it is tough, like in any situation, and life in general, but mostly it is wonderful. My oldest and middle child play very nicely together. The babe is still a bit too young to participate much with them at this point as he is only nine months.

At the ex, we tried our luck at the midway. We won a few prizes. I went to the "guess your age or weight" booth. The guy offered to guess my weight which I quickly said no to. (who wants anyone to guess their weight when they are almost 6 months pregnant LOL). I had him guess my age. He thought I was 30 because I have 3 kids and am almost 6 months along with my fourth. Because he was wrong (I am only 26), I got to pick out a stuffed animal. Also, a generous couple walking by gave the kids their stuffed animals they won as they were tired of shlepping it around. The kids appreciated that quite a bit.

We got a free container of Jif peanut butter and some jam from the Jif booth. There was also a venus booth for women where we could get a free water massage and get your hair and nails done but it would be really boring for hubby and company so I decided not to.

All in all, we had a wonderful (but wet) time. I can't wait till next year's CNE.


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