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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pregnancy cravings

Boy, my cravings are really getting the better of me. Right now I can not stop eating cherrios with fresh blue berries sprinkled with sugar with no milk, linguini, cheese ravioli, and chocolate. (not all together at the same time of course, I am not THAT hungry LOL) I just bought some fresh blue berries yesterday and some red seedless grapes that smell divine. I have to get around to eating them before they get overripe.

Now, I have to vent about something that is really bothering me. Why is it that when a woman is pregnant, people think its perfectly acceptable to comment on how big they are or how much weight thave have gained? it is rude regardless of being pregnant or not pregnant. People would not dream of going up to a non pregnant woman and say, "Gee, you look exceptionally huge today. Big weight gain, huh?". The woman would be totally and justifiably offended. Well guess what? So would a pregnant woman. We pregnant women are quite aware of our ever expanding bellies, and weight gain without having to have people make tactless comments about it. Today, I was wheeling my triple stroller down to the mail box and bumped into a much older lady who I know who lives down the street. First she tells me, wow, you still have a long way to go (not really, I am due January 1st, I am 22 weeks along, so I have about 3 1/2 months left G-d willing) Then she said, gee, you must have gained a lot. I didn't (I have gained a normal amount for my pregnancy so far), and I was really offended, but because this lady is a very sweet nice lady, I just shrugged it off. Sometimes people don't think before they say something and I don't think she set out to offend me. Some people carry high, some low. I am one of those who happen to carry very high making me look bigger than I am. Also, this is my fourth pregnancy B"H, and my muscles are very relaxed, so that could be another reason I look big. Or, maybe the baby is just a big baby. Still, don't go up to a person and comment on their weight. because a woman is pregnant does not give other people a licence to be rude and make comments that they would never dream of making to a non pregnant person.
There, that is my vent for today.


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