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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

To be postponed again????

My lil one developed an ear infection 2 hours before candle lighting this past erev shabbos despite being on bactrim to keep him ear infection free until his surgery this upcoming Wednesday. He woke up from his nap feeling very hot, and when I took his temperature, it was almost 103. My mother in law gave me a lift and we rushed him to the walk in clinic where he was diagnosed with an ear infection and put on Clavulin. We are seeing the pediatrician Monday for his nine month check up and to see if his surgery has to be postponed again. Hopefully the infection will be almost gone by tomorrow and the doc will okay the surgery. I'll soon find out.

On another note, I had my 20 week prenatal check up this past Thursday. (though I am now officially 21 weeks B"H) B"H everything looks good so far, my IPS came back good as well as the ultrasound. I did mention I know the gender, right? :) I did also mention I would tease you with the knowledge without letting on what it is too :) I was a bit taken aback by my weight gain this past month though. 7 pounds! ARG. In total my weight gain is normal, but I was upset at having gained so much in one month. You are only really supposed to gain 2 or 3 pounds a month in the second trimester. Now that I won't be near the kosher second cup (a coffee chain in Canada) as kid #1's camp is over, hopefully I wll have gained a normal amount next month. The kosher second cup has frozen hot chocolate. YUM. I am craving one right now. Good thing I am not close to the store any more :)

Now for my vent of the day: Today, we were at the dentist's office. There was another patient who was really rude.. this really nasty senior citizen lady who was giving the office a hard time, saying she wasn't being attended to, and why does she have to pay a certain amount. She also did not like kids, quite obvious by the nasty looks she was giving my children who were just sitting there playing with toys. I believe I exchanged words with her once a few years ago when she told me off for bringing my son with me to the dentist (he was an infant at the time, and all he was doing was sleeping. Sheesh) This time, my two year old daughter got the brunt of her sharp tongue. My daughter was just saying "dentist mommy, dentist" and this lady goes, why don't you shush. My pregnancy hormones and mother bear instinct got the better of me. I told her, Don't you dare talk to my daughter that way. She is only a kid. Why don't you shush? Why are you so nasty?. She said "I am shushing right now." I hope I never run into that lady again. I feel sorry for her grandkids. I thought seniors love little kids. Apparently not. Sheesh..
that's it for today :)


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