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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Will there be a sequel to "Attack of the Chicken Pox"?

Today I went to the hopsital for my 8 1/2 month old's pre surgery clinic for his ear tube procedure. At the end of the visit, I mentioned he was exposed to chicken pox by his big brother. The nurse told me I had to reschedule the surgery, as the time of the surgery (the 11th) will the be 14th day since exposure, and even if he doesn't have the chicken pox then, if he is incubating it, he will be contagious and infect the other kids in recovery. She said it would spread over the hospital and it would be an issue of infection control. The new date of the surgery is August 25th G-d willing.

So now we just have to sit tight and wait out the next two weeks to see if the chicken pox will strike again on my daughter who is a little over 2 and my youngest. (Hopefully I will not get it....there is a question to how immune I am to it as I have only had a very mild case when I was 13. Being I am 18 1/2 weeks pregnant, there is a slight risk as the yet to be born baby can get the chicken pox virus too, but chances are low, and I am trying not to worry and remain positive that I am immune. Time will tell..)

Tomorrow I have my 18 week ultrasound. If the baby is being cooperative I may find out the gender. But you won't :P I will just tease you for the next 22 weeks :) It is more fun and interesting that way :)


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