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Thursday, September 23, 2004

25 week prenatal check up

and I have already gained the 25 I was supposed to gain for the whole pregnancy...Waah :(. I somehow managed to put on 12 lbs this month and I no idea how I managed that. I didn't eat *that* much that I should gain such a horrible amount at once. My ob said it is probably mostly water retention. My blood pressure is good thank G-d. I was also worried as yesteray I had a bit of light brown spotting, which stopped and did not continue, and I feel crampy, but my ob reassured me it was ok. I had a placental abruption with my third kid, which healed after a month of strict bed rest, and I remember the cramping was much worse, and I bled a lot, and it was red, so I am reassured by my ob that is indeed nothing. I wonder what causes the cramping though...

I had my glucose tolerance test today, along with some other blood work. My next appointntment is at the end of october, and after that, I will be going every other week (in November). The countdown is approaching. Saturday I will be 26 weeks, 14 weeks to go. It's starting to get a bit closer now.


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