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Monday, September 27, 2004

It's Sukkah time!!

Yup! It's that time of year again. My favourite time of year, Succos is approaching! Yesterday we went to the in law's house to put up their sukkah for them. We ourselves don't have one, as we don't have a frame for the boards we got from an aquaintance who was getting rid of them. One of these days we will manage to put up a sukkah, hopefully next year. That gives us a year to figure out how to make a frame so the whole thing doesn't plop down on us...or better yet, maybe I can convince hubby to get a nice new sukkah :) I love succos. I love eating outdoors, and everything. Sometimes you can hear the neighbors singing, and it is beautiful. My oldest tried to help out with putting up the sukkah, he is very excited. He was talking about "bob the builder" LOL :) He told me daddy is bob the builder, daddy is building the sukkah. :)

And on to the next topic...my daughter seems to be almost toilet trained! Over the weekend, she did both #1 and #2 in the potty several times. Today nothing, but I am sure eventually she will keep it up and soon be out of diapers. (G-d willing, as 4 kids in diapers is too much $$!!). She is very excited about going to the potty. Now I just have to work on timing..getting her to tell me when she has to go, rather than me asking her every hour and putting her on to see if she will go. She is still little (2 years 5 months) so I am not concerned. My oldest on the other hand is anti-potty. He does not like sitting down on the potty for more than a few seconds, and he refuses to go in it at all. I have tried getting him to go with stickers, that if he makes, he can have a sticker afterwards, but he didn't seem to care. So someone suggested to me to try a little candy, like an m&m or something similar, and if he goes, he can have one. he is getting too big for diapers..my pediatrician said it's not a concern until age 5, and he is going to only be 4, but next year Im Yirtze Hashem he will be in junior kindergarten and I really need him to be potty trained. The pediatrician also told me he will be later to be trained as he had a speech delay also. I think it's because he is just stubborn :) (he takes after me LOL) Hopefully once he sees his sister in underwear it will motivate him to start actually going in the potty rather than just sitting on it.

Speaking of diapers, my little one has decided he would rather turn over, squirm and fidget and attempt to crawl during diaper changing time :) He is the most busy out of all the kids at that age (10 months) during diaper change. I must remember to leave some little toys close by to distract him so I can change him without a fuss.

BTW, tomorrow is my birthday... :) I will be 27! I am getting old LOL....


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