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Sunday, September 12, 2004

My Week..

What a busy week. last friday I was feeling kind of sick, and felt kind of run down all week. My doc took some blood, my iron is probably down. I am 6 months pregnant now, so the babe is needing more nutrients from me I guess. I feel better today though B"H.
Kid #1 had his first almost whole week of school. B"H he is doing well in junior kindergarten. Though on Friday his teacher made me keep him home as he had a cold (He was feeling fine, except for a runny nose). Kid #1 had a speech delay and is doing much better now, but is in a school with kids who have some developmental delays (he got intensive speech therapy there which is why we sent him) There are a few kids like him who are fine except for late speech but most kids there have big problems such as down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, etc. Some of those kids have a very weak immune system so if they get a cold, it could make them extremely ill. So that is why kid #1 had to stay home even though it was a minor cold. This will Im Yirtze Hashem be his last year at this school. The developmental pediatirican feels that kid #1 will do much better in a regular class, since he is not special needs and very bright B"H, and his speech has improved significantly. If he still needs help with speech, we will get him private speech therapy. I am looking forward to G-d willing sending him to a wonderful frum junior kindergarten next year. (being he is speech delayed, the doc feels he will do better being one of the older kids in the class rather than younger).

Next Wednesday evening is Rosh Hashanah. We will be spending the entire Yom Tov with my husband's parents, my in laws. (AAAAH :) Just kidding :) I went to the supermarket to stock up on a few things and it was a freaking zoo, even at 9:30 am on a Sunday. There were security guards there to direct the traffic in the parking lot. And due to pregnancy brain I forgot a few things so now I have to go back. Fun.

I am also still having great fun on ebay. I got a bunch of maternity dresses and crib sheets. I bid on 2 more crib sheets and a dust ruffle for the crib. They should start a support group called Ebayers Anonymous LOL. I was warned from a friend that bidding on ebay can be addicting and I laughed and said ya right. Now I see what she means :)

My birthday is coming up in 2 weeks on the 28th, so if anyone wants to make a deposit into my paypal account feel free :P .. JUST KIDDING :))))) I am not chutzpadig :)

I will be 27, just for the record :) I am getting old, LOL. My 10 year high school reunion is next year. Yikes. I won't be going for a few reasons: 1: it is not kosher, though I have a friend who's sister is also a baalas tshuvah and went but didn't eat anything.
2. It is probably going to end up being on shabbos, and from what I heard from my friend's sister, who went after shabbos was over, as shabbos ended early, it wasn't worth it. 3. It is in the states and I am now here in Canada. 4. I don't want anyone to see me until I have lost all the pregnancy weight :) I was 110 lbs in high school and I would rather them remember me at that nice svelte weight :) I know I will not ever be 110 again, waaah :( but it was worth it :)


  • At 7:37 p.m., Blogger G Green said…

    I love the blog, keep it coming.
    There are very few (as far as I am aware) frum blogs, so it was great to see this one.
    As soon as I find my Kalla, I hope to have kids of my own!
    B'shah tova.


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