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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Spray and Wash Tastes Yummy

or, at least my 4 year old attempted to find out just a few hours ago. SIGH. I keep everything on a high shelf out of reach, but apparently he is very inventive. I went upstairs to change babe #2 and #3, and when I came down, trouble maker #1, who I thought was engrossed in watching the muppets, handed me a spray and wash tablet saying, look, I taste it.. I saw the blue ball missing from it and started to get just a tad bit worried. (IE, I was freaking out) I immediately phoned father in law who is a compounder/pharmacist, and he told me as long as he didn't eat tthe whole thing, he will be fine, that it is mostly enzymes, and to just wash his mouth out with some water and toothpaste. Being I am a worrywart, I phoned the company # listed on the box and they transferred me to the medical department. I didn't even know they had a medical dept. at proctor and gamble. Anyways, the nurse assured me it was harmless, and that he will probably just get a bit of diarrhea. (which he did.) Apparently my four year old took the laundry baskets that were waiting to be brought upstairs, and stood on them to reach the high shelf. So, important lesson learned is: Make sure no laundry baskets or anything that can be used as a stepping stool is around the laundry room area. and #2 Make kid #1 come upstairs with me when I have to change the other 2. What I can't figure out is why he would want to continue tasting it, how could it have tasted good the first lick that he would have continued. YUCK.

In other news, I am officially 27 now. I had a pretty good birthday yesterday, didn't anything too exciting, but I got hubby to agree to take out for dinner (hey, it's my b-day why should I have to cook? :P).


  • At 4:17 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Happy belated birthday. Glad your 4 year old is doing well.


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