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Monday, October 04, 2004

even more Yom Tov...

3 days of yom tov have passed...3 more to go. Luckily we had nice weather for the start of Succos. My wee one developed a cold on Shabbos, but B"H seems to be doing well (No ear infections..yay! :) he had his ear tube check up today and he seems to be doing well. On our previous appoinment, before the tubes were put in, he had a mild to moderate hearing loss due to fluid and ear infections. On today's visit, as of now, his ears are normal, and hearing appears to be normal, but we have to go back in 3 months time to make sure his hearing is still ok and see how the tubes are doing.

I got off track there a bit..now back to Yom Tov. Shemini Atzeres/Simchas Torah is coming up this week. I am glad we don't *have* to eat in the sukkah as it's supposed to be very cold. I would like to have hubby take the oldest to the Simchas Torah dancing, but being it is usually a mad house in the shul on this day, I don't think it's going to work due to logistics. It is hard to bring a triple stroller in to the shulwhen there is no room to move, and then have to find hubby to deliver the oldest to him, and find him later, so we can go back and make kiddush, and eat, etc. There is at least 1,000 people there in my opinion. So in the end, I think me and the kiddies may miss out this time. I am almost seven months pregnant and the idea of getting smushed and shoved by a mob of people is not very appealing.

Yes, almost seven months pregnant. My, how time flies. I am 27 weeks now B"H. :) I feel kind of yucky though today, and I am not sure if i have a bladder infection. Over the weekened I had some pain and pressure in my bladder, not constant though, so I think it's from the baby pressing down, and from my prolapse also adding pressure. But today I have an annoying pain in my side, not really where my kidneys are. I still have the urge to go to the washroom too, but not constant. I can't get in to see my family physician. There are a few appointments available, but towards the end of the day, and he is going to most likely be backed up, and the afternoon is not a good time for me, as hubby gets home from work around 6 and we are going out to eat in someone's sukkah. If my doc is backed up there is a good chance I wont' be home in time. I think I will just go into a walk in clinic. The problem is, the results of the urine culture won't be back in time before start of Yom Tov wednesday evening. I am hoping to just get a prescription for macrobid and be on my way.

Well, lunch is waiting for me now, so I am signing off of this post..


  • At 10:32 a.m., Blogger violetts said…

    Glad you are doing well. Just don't push the stroller to much as it is very heavy to push even when one is not with child.


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