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Monday, October 18, 2004

How to convince a 4 year old to wear glasses..

I will soon be learning how to keep glasses on a four year old. Today I took my newly turned four year old to the opthomologist as his eyes were turning in a bit, very frequently. After an examnation he was diagnosed with being far sighted. Everyone on both sides of the family wears glasses, including myself ( I am near sighted) though hubby hasn't needed glasses since age 16, B"H.

I have to take my son back to the doctor on Wednesday, after putting some prescription drops in his eyes 3 times, a half hour apart, an hour and a half before the appointment. (Gee, that should be fun and easy to do LOL especially since I will be on the road with my mother in law and kids on the way to the appointment..) I am trying to talk to my son about the drops, and he is not too thrilled. He of course, like any other normal 4 year old, is saying I don't want eye drops mommy. I hope it won't be too difficult to put them in. The doc needs to have his eyes dilated, I am assuming so he can give a very close examination and determine the strength of the eye glass prescription needed. After that, we will be off to the optical to pick out some nice glasses for him. He is actually excited about the glasses wearing part. I am trying to find some type of band I see other kids wearing that helps keep the glasses on, kind of like the chain for older people, but this one is designed for kids. I've asked around and there is one particular store that sells it. I will make a trip down there after I buy the glasses.

I wonder how many pairs I will go through this year LOL. :) Luckily the place I plan on buying from has a good insurance policy the first year of the glasses. You only pay 10 percent of the cost if you have to replace the glasses.

Wish me luck on the eye drops thing on Wednesday. I am actually kind of anxious about it, knowing how hard it was to put the drops in his eyes when he had conjunctivitis last year...


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