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Monday, October 25, 2004

meet my friend, Mr. Braxton Hicks...

UGH! I don't know if this is because its my fourth pregnancy or a warning of premature labour.. I am 30 weeks pregnant now with #4, B"H. But for the past few days, I have been having uncomfortable cramping and contractions. But not like labour contractions, so I am assuming its braxton hicks contractions. I left a message on my doula's machine asking her if it's something of concern or normal being its my fourth. I know I am probably doing too much, and spending too much time on my feet..but I have things I need to take care of so I don't have a lot of leisure time to rest. I know what she is probably going to tell me: Drink 2 oz of light red wine to see if that will stop the cramps, then try taking a warm but not hot bath to relax the muscles to see if that works, and lay on my left side after the bath while I rest. ( had this problem with pregnancy #3, but I had an irritable uterus then from a placental abruption from a bad fall I had in the park thanks to a broken sidewalk.) This time i don't see any cause for an irritable uterus. In any case, I have my 30 week check up with my ob this Thursday so I will ask him then. Then I will be going back every two weeks, and then in december, every week. It's getting close! :)


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