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Thursday, October 28, 2004

My 30 week prenatal check up

Crap! My glucose tolerance test came back borderline. I didn't gain any weight since last month, which is good. I was worried, as it was quite rapid at one point but now has evened out. My doc told me my blood sugar was not great, but liveable for the remainder of the pregnancy and won't have an ill effect on the baby. (I.e. i don't have to test my blood sugar every day etc.). But I am supposed to stay away from foods that are high in sugar content, etc. He said because my blood sugar levels were not that badly over the normal levels, I will only be at a slight increase for diabetes later in life. (if I had full blown gestational diabetes, my risk would be much higher of developing diabetes). Still, I am worried. I am meeting my doula next week G-d willing to go over foods I should stay away from. ( Bye bye mashed potatoes :(...) Also, because I never got a chance to lose much weight from my other 3 kids, my doula was worried about the gestational diabetes thing. I am seeing my ob again in 2 weeks, where I will G-d willing be 32 weeks.

On another note.. He wore his glasses today in school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not all day, but for a good half hour. Due to the other attempts to get him to wear them, they got a bit loose, so they were sliding down his nose, according to his teacher, so after school, I had them adjusted. I was a bit annoyed, as the lady who adjusted them the last time was there, and she ignored us and let the other lady help us. (I think its because he gave her a really hard time last time and she didn't want to deal with it. but he is 4!! I felt it was unprofessional.) Hopefully tomorrow he will wear them for even longer.

And one more side note: My dad and sister are coming up from New Jersey to visit me this weekend. Yay! :)


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