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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My son is anti-glasses!

My four year old son takes after me with his stubborness. Today is his first day of glasses wearing (well, it was supposed to be, anyway). He wouldn't put them on for me before school, so at school, his teachers tried, all day, with no luck to get him to wear it. Even one of the other mothers with whom I am friendly with, tried to get him to wear it, and she even got me these little black sleeve things that go on the end of the arm rest thing of the glasses that helps to hook it behind his ears. (the band for the glasses was a disaster.). His teachers wouldn't let him do certain activities if he was not wearing his glasses, such as getting to play an instrument during music session or taking a turn sitting on the new kid size couch the classroom got, to look at books during free play time. Even one of the teachers in the classroom who normally wear contacts wore her glasses today to help him with glasses wearing. Tomorrow is a new day, so hopefully he will wear them then. I heard there was another student in the class who, the first time he had to wear his glasses he threw them in the school toilet, and now the child wears it all the time willingly. If he is still not wearing them by next week I will call the opthamologist's office to see what they recommend.

On another note, I am feeling kind of annoyed at comments from strangers and people I know regarding my size, (I am almost 31 weeks pregnant). "wow, are you carrying twins?" "Wow, you look huge!" "wow, you still have 10 weeks to go????" Thanks, I feel much better and less self concious now. I am feeling kind of pissy about it actually. Pregnancy hormones I guess :P
Today is a grouchy day for me. Next person who makes a comment about how I am carrying so big I am going to make a comment about the size of their bottom, stomach, and see how they feel :P Sorry I am not one of those pregnant girls who carries so perfectly it looks like they have a ball stuffed down their shirt :P

Ok, I think I am done venting now...Tomorrow is my ob appointment . I will post more then..


  • At 12:25 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I found your blog by googling "anti-glasses". I'm probably too late, but if you're interested, google phrases such as "myopia prevention", "natural vision improvement", "vision recovery", "Bates method", "perfect sight without glasses". I would just give a few links, but I don't want to come across as advertising. I do not know the extent to which these methods really work, but I sure wish I had known anything about them before I got glasses, since it is said that already wearing glasses is a barrier.


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