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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Whew...now that Yom Tov is over...

I feel like all I have done for the past two weeks was eat and sleep due to what felt like non stop yom tov. Not that I am complaining about that or anything :) It was hard for the kids though as their schedules were disrupted by eating away at the in laws, and my oldest son was having muppet movie withdrawal and kept asking if he could please watch the muppets (he is a bit obsessed with the muppets at the moment. His favourite is Gonzo :)
I managed to survive another three day yom tov at the in laws :) I must say that towards the end of yom tov I felt a bit grouchy. (pregnancy hormones..what can I say?) I guess too much togetherness with inlaws can do that to you, even if they are wonderful nice people :) (we ate there every meal for entire succos/shemini atzeres/simchas Torah), with the exception of a few meals we ate at someone else's sukkah chol hamoed.

Speaking of Simchas Torah...my kids had a blast. I managed to sneak into the shul with my triple stroller (strollers are banned from the main part of the shul due to fire regulations) but soon got caught and was nicely asked to park my stroller outside. I am too paranoid to leave the stroller where anyone can just walk off with it, so I walked it back to the inlaws house and my mother in law watched the babe while I took my lil girl to shul. Kid #1 was already with hubby. Kid #1 had a blast. He kissed every Torah, rode on his daddy's shoulders, and called everyone with a beard in the mens section rabbi. LOL. My hubby had mentioned to him lets go over to where the rabbi is, so he started yelling Hi Rabbi to everyone :). He even saw his pediatrician and called him a rabbi too, but the pediatrician just corrected him and said, no, Doctor. :) My son is so funny. He told me the other day he wants to be a rabbi. Hey, why not? :) I think that would be pretty cool. :) Meet my son the rabbi :) hehe. :)
My daughter was very shy when with hubby dancing with the Torah. Hubby said she hid her face behind her sippy cup and him the entire time. It was extremely crowded, and it is the first time she was ever in a crowd like that, so I can imagine all those people crowding and dancing around might scare a two year old if she is not used to that.

And now, for the pregancy update: I am now 28 weeks pregnant B"H. The real countdown begins! 12 weeks to go! I am officially in the beginning of my third trimester now. Time really flies.. :)


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