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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

calgon....take me awaaaaaaay...........

I have visions of taking a nice long warm bubble bath while reading a good novel in my head. Even though right now i wouldn't fit in the tub LOL. (just kidding..well I am 31weeks pregnant now :P) I think I have had a day from hell today. Ok, well it wasn't thaaat bad..but it was bad enough that we had take out for dinner tonight. :)

First off, my daughter, who is 2 1/2 years old, is having a case of the terrible twos this morning. When the other 2 kids are loaded up in the stroller, she decides she wants to play with toys, and tries to run upstairs. I have to chase after her, carry her back to the stroller, where she proceeds in kicking me and screaming nooooooo, I want to play, I want to play. I promise her she can play when we get back home later, and it is a whole ordeal to get her in the stroller and her coat and hat on. (My kids inheritied my stubborn streak, what can I say? :) Later on, in the supermarket, after I had paid for the groceries, she threw off her coat and a shoe, and refused to let me put it back on her. I told her she would get cold, and wet (it was a bit rainy ouside) and pointed to the rain. She didn't seem to care, so I told her Grandpa will be very sad she won't wear the new shoes we got. That was the deal breaker for her and she put it on.
After that, we are crossing a major intersection in the pedestrian cross walk, to go home. We had the green light and pedestrian sign, and were crossing east to west. A mini van, going south against a red light crossed the intersection, forcing a few cars going through the green light to stop short, and the van almost went into us. It wasn't that close, but close enough I could see the driver pretty well. I was very shook up. Where are the police giving out tickets when you need them???? I should have taken her plate number down. She could have caused a variety of serious accidents G-d forbid by going through a red light. Very careless driving and very stupid. Who did she bribe to get her license from? sigh. Anyway, that is my vent for today.

On a brighter note, he is wearing his glasses now almost all day!!! :) B"H :) My dad, who was here visiting from New Jersey convinced him to wear the glasses. :) Yay :) Now his eye is not turning in anymore when he is wearing them, thank G-d. :)

And as an aside, my arm hurts :( My daughter and I got the flu shot yesterday, and now my arm is all red and swollen where the vaccine was given. Hmm...maybe that is why my daughter was not behaving well today..maybe she is having a side effect from the vaccine. I heard it can cause a mild flu like thing for a few days, sniffles, etc. Maybe she is just feeling under the weather today. My oldest is getting his flu shot tomorrow in school, and the baby has a cold, so he has to be cold free before he can get his vaccine.

Tomorrow is my cardiologist appointment for the pregnancy induced sinus tachycardia. It is a follow up appointment and I am not really worried about it. B"H I have not had many more episodes of it, and when I do it is usually because I have a cold or have not slept well the night before. I will post more later this week.


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