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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

feeling yucky today...

I don't know if it is a side effect from the flu shot I got last Monday or not but I have been sick since Thursday, a few days after getting the vaccine. I think I remember reading on the paper I signed before getting the shot about it saying it may cause some aches and pains, a cold, afterwards. (it was worth having the vaccine though because I tend to get bronchitis very badly and end up on puffers to breathe when I get the flu, which I would like to avoid this year. Last year, shortly after having kid #3, I caught the flu, had 104 degree temp, couldn't stop throwing up, and had bronchitis. Was definitely not fun) My hubby caught my cold a few days later, and now has a terrible sore throat. I hope the kids don't catch it. We are supposed to go to the circus G-d willing this Sunday, and we have waited over a month for the big day. I am also feeling pretty tired too today and really out of it, but that is probably normal being I am 32 weeks pregnant, and my head is also stuffy from the cold. I would be happy right now if I could just breathe through my nose. UGH. I am just so cranky and tired today. Now I know how my kids sometimes LOL.


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