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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Final Five Begins...

Now I am 35 weeks pregnant and am in the final five countdown. I just finished writing my birth plan, which I will review with my doula on Thursday G-d willing. I am feeling much better since my fall this past Thursday, except for some pains in my knees still, but it's not too bad unless I bump them into something. I also heard back from my family doc regarding the UTI thing and blood glucose test. The blood thing was ok I think. Came back at four the secretary said. (the canadian scale is different than US so I have no clue what 4 means.) I think it was mostly the urinalysis that he is callng me back for. This actually annoys me as he is either calling me in to a. give me a prescription, and I have to wait until Wednesday to see him. or B. he considers it not a clean catch and I have to do the urine sample all over again. Just give me a prescription for macribid already!! Sigh. I am having crampiness around my bladder area today pretty bad and it burned like hell when I went to the washroom. Soon macrobid is contraindicted as I will be at 36 weeks next week (you can't take it in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy. I forgot the reason why..I need to check my father in law's pharmacy book (he is a pharmacist). I think it's something to do with G-d forbid potentially causing a problem with the baby in the liver if taken in last 4 weeks but I need to double check on that). Anyway, I am just a bit grouchy from the bladder pain, so don't mind me :).

I think I am also a bit grouchy today as I had a big clean up job to do thanks to my daughter being quite messy and inventive with trouble making this past shabbos. My daughter emptied an entire container of soup croutons onto the carpet, causing a sea of yellow mandelin covering the entire corner of the carpet. Don't ask how long it took me to clean it up :)

In other news, my itty bitty is standing up now all by himself without holding on to anything! :) I am so proud of him. That means soon he will be walking IY"H. :) He is getting to be such a big boy :) My other two are so affectionate with him and it's very cute to watch.

I will post more later this week, probably after my appointment with my doula. I have to find out when I can start taking the Cauliphyllum thalictroides, a homeopathic remedy of blue cohosh which helps get your body ready for labour. (my doula is also a herbalist) Probably I will start it a week or two before my due date. Last time I started it too early and ended up with annoying painful contractions that led to no where. (though when labour did begin, it went really fast :) I got to the hospital at 9 cm.) Anyway, that's it for now. We are supposed to visit the great bubbe today, so I better start getting ready.


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