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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

It's Getting Close!

I had my 34 week check up today. Everything is ok B"H. I do have to go tomorrow for an ultrasound, to measure fetal growth and get an estimated fetal weight. I wonder if I am having a monster sized baby as I feel huge LOL. I guess I will find out tomorrow. I will hopefully also find out to see if the gender I was told I am having at my 18 week ultrasound is accurate. We'll see :) I still won't tell the gender though. It is more fun to leave people guessing up until the baby is born :)

I always thought that ultrasounds were not accurate in measuring fetal weight but I must be mistaken. I had read that in my pregnancy newsgroup, and also my doula had mentioned something to me about that I think. She also told me she recently read that they did some studies that showed epidurals may possibly cause a mild stroke in utero to the baby, but I want to find out percentages..some numbers, so I can base my decision to get one or not on that. People have epidurals every day and in most cases the babies are fine. I would actually like to read the study she read myself. I had an epidural for two out of my three births. In both times, they had a very hard time finding a place to put it as I have scoliosis..a 26 degree curve which is not at all noticiable, (I was in a brace for two years when I was a teenager) unless you are a doctor trying to give me an epidural. :) They kept hitting bone, and my little itty bitty was actually crowning by the time they got the epidural in. It was actually a spinal I got in the end as it was faster acting than the epidural. So I don't even know if its worth it to get an epidural this time. But I have a history of retained placenta and find it very hard to hold still for the ob to remove the pieces manually just after giving birth, as the after pains are very painful. If I have a spinal or epidural, I can't feel the doc do that and I lie perfectly still like a good girl :). But on the downside, I am stuck flat on my back for eight hours which stinks. I hate being confined. In any case, I am meeting with my doula next Thursday to go over some final details and plans for the birth, and what to do if I have the baby on Shabbos, etc etc. I also called my rav to find out what is ok to do or not to do if in the hospital on shabbos. Last time, I had my itty bitty an hour before shabbos and was stuck in the hospital for the whole shabbos. My roomate kept shutting off the light in the bathroom when she was finished. It is quite difficult to pee in the pitch black darkness :) So I am waiting to hear back from my rabbi to see what is ok and not ok to do in the hospital on shabbos.

In other news, my next ob appointment is on December 8, where I will G-d willing be 36 weeks pregnant. After that appointment, I will be going weekly until I give birth. I will post more IY"H after my ultrasound tomorrow.


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