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Sunday, November 21, 2004

My Itty-Bitty Is Turning One Today!!

My little itty-bitty is turning one today! One year ago today, about this time of day (early morning), my water broke. I remember it quite distinctly as my then 3 year old (now 4) was being wild, and doing something he wasn't supposed to (I forget now what that was) I remember that I was yelling, "hey stop it now!" and felt a gush. Time really goes so fast. I am 34 weeks pregnant today B"H with #4 and my water better stay intact :) well, for the next 3 weeks or so at least anyway..

We aren't really doing anything special today for my little one's 1st birthday. Birthday parties were getting too costly, and the clean up afterwards was getting to be too much. I will just wish my little itty-bitty a happy first birthday and cuddle up with my yummy baby and read him a book and play some toys with him so he can have some alone time with his mommy. :)

In other news, my four year old's double ear infection seems to be better. He is back to himself now B"H, though he still seems a bit kvetchy. He still has a few days left on his antibiotics. My daughter got conjunctivitis though :( The prescription eye drops seems to be helping though.

My 34 week OB check up is this Wednesday. I will post more later in the week.


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