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Thursday, November 25, 2004

My ultrasound appoinment

I fell. Right outside the building for my ultrasound appointment, on my way in. Black ice. My father in law had pulled up to the curb, and I did not see the ice on the pavement. I got out of the car to go into the building and found myself flat on the ground. I had a very difficult time getting up too, being I am almost 35 weeks pregnant. Good thing I was getting an ultrasound done anyways or I would have been even more freaked out than I already was. I am so sore right now. My back, arms and legs are sore, but my right knee is particularly painful. I am worried about a possible placental abruption, but the ultrasound showed no evidence of that, though it may take time for it to show up. ( I had one last pregnancy thanks to a broken side walk and am now really scared of getting another one. It can be potentially dangerious for mother and baby, I was on bed rest for a month and it had healed thank G-d. ) G-d willing I will be just fine, despite the soreness of everything. I am just being my usual worrywart self. :)

Anyway, let's get to the good happy part. The ultrasound. :) The gender I was told at 18 weeks has been confirmed :) So far, the estimated weight is 4 lb 15 oz at this stage. I guess that is a normal size. I usually have big babies. I will ask my OB about that at my next appointment. I got a peek at the babe. I feel reassured that the fall didn't harm the baby B"H. but I am still feeling crappy and shook up about it. I told the ultrasound office what happened, and they called the property manager who said it is the building next door's responsibility to the outside maintanence, and that someoen would come salt the ice patches. I hope they got around to it fast before another person slips and gets hurt. They are lucky I am not a sue happy person and I am ok or else they could have had a nice law suit on their hands. I am feeling pretty sore right now so I am signing off this post. I think I want to lay down and rest for a bit and maybe take a tylenol. I will post more either over the weekend or next week after my appointment with my doula.


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