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Monday, November 15, 2004

Telemarketing calls are so annoying!

Arg! I feel like unplugging all the phones in my house right now. Stupid annoying telemarketers are really starting to tick me off with their phone calls tonight. I called Bell finally and asked them if there is a way to stop these calls, and they put my number on a removal list for telemarketer calls. I am busy taking care of my kids, I am almost 9 months pregnant, and I am tired of running to the phone to discover all it is is some annoying pushy telemarketer trying to tell me I have won a "holiday vacation" where I can sit and get pushed into a time share and in return "win" a free vacation. I used to be very polite to these people but when you say no and they keep pushing, it really gets annoying. Maybe there is a bunch of mother in laws employed as telemarketers, I really don't know LOL. I am in such a grouchy mood tonight...pregnancy hormones. Next time a telemarketer calls, I am just going to hand the phone to my four year old or 2 1/2 yeaer old and let one of them talk to the telemarketer LOL. I wonder if they will finally take me off their call list after that. Maybe I will just ask them for their phone number so I can call them at home when they are trying to cook dinner, entertain their kids, and clean the house all at the same time.

In other news. my four year old has a double ear infection today, poor kid :( He is on amoxicillin now, and hopefully he will feel better soon. He also had his appointment today with the developmental pediatrician and B"H is doing much better. We bought a reading program from the doc, he has some used copies, 80 bucks! the new ones were 179 american.. So we bought the used one.. So expensive otherwise. It is kind of like hooked on phonics but the doc said it is much better than that. He is very happy with the progress and feels he will do well in junior kindergarten in September. My four year old seemed so happy at the developmental pediatrician's office that I had no idea he had an ear infection. He did not have any fever at all. It was only when we got close to home, after I dropped off his camp application that he started acting really cranky and not himself. Then he told me his ear hurts, so we took him to our regular pediatrician.

As an aside, the camp director wants to assess my four year old himself to see how much he has improved. He doesn't take my word that he doesn't need a one on one worker for the upcoming summer camp session. I don't feel he needs a one on one worker this upcoming summer. He will IY"H be attending a regular junior kindergarten without any assistance. He is a completely normal, he just had a speech delay and was frustrated that he had trouble communicating, which both B"H have greatly improved. Last year, he did give the one on one worker a bit of a hard time as he had his own agenda, but he has really calmed down since then, as his speech has really taken off. His teachers were amazed at how much calmer and how much better he is speaking this school term.

Anyway, I am done rambling now. I am really tired and the screen is starting to look blurry. I am going to my family doc on Wednesday to see if I do have a UTI or if its the babe to be pressing into my bladder. My little one who will soon be one on Sunday will be getting his flu shot then too.


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