A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Friday, December 31, 2004


I am so frustrated right now. I am due tomorrow with babe #4 IY"H. I feel really grouchy, and uncomfortable, with off and on on contractions the past few days. I know i am not technically overdue until Sunday, but what is the baby waiting for??? The babe's already in position, head down, fully engaged. Come out already! Come out! ARGGGGG!. Maybe if I start jumping up and down...LOL. :) Just kidding. :) I know it will happen at the right time, I am trying to be patient but it is so hard :P. And I have to get ready to prepare for shabbos (I am procrastinating by doing a blog entry :P) I was stuck in the house all week due to 6 inches of snow and a lousy snow plow job on the sidewalks (practically non existant) and it was impossible to take the stroller out on a sidewalk that is not really plowed. My mother in law is doing me a huge favour and picking up a package of chicken from the supermarket for me to cook for shabbos. My hubby doesn't know it yet, unless he reads this from work of course :P, but when he comes home he is helping me clean some of the dishes in the sink :P and maybe I can sweet talk him into helping me mop and sweep the kitchen floor too :) Maybe if I stand up for a long period doing dishes it will get my labour going :) At this point I don't mind so much being in the hospital over shabbos.
BTW, what is up with certain people who I know mean well calling me up and asking me if I feel labour pains yet? :) I know they mean well, and they only care about me, but would I be answering the phone if i was in labour? :P Do certain people honestly think I am going to give birth and not inform my family??? :) I am not like that, I would call as soon as I know for sure I am in labour. So, to answer any questions, No, I do not feel labour yet, no, I have no clue when the babe is coming out, only G-d knows, but I will be sure to keep everyone posted on the labour, if it ever decides to start:) Knowing me, I will probably post a blog entry while I am packing for the hospital :P

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My OB appointment today! :)

Well, I had my 39 week OB appoinment today. I am officially due in 3 days G-d willing. The ob said that the baby is in a good position now for labour, completely engaged, head down, B"H. I asked him if he thought I would make it till my next appointment next week where I would then be almost a week overdue. His educated guess is that there is a good chance I would not go past my due date of this Saturday...of course only Hashem knows when I will go into full blown labour, so I am trying not to get too excited. My doula said he told one girl she wouldn't have her baby for at least another week, and she gave birth the next day. It is just his educated guess based on position of the babe and some of the irregular infrequent painful contractions I told him I have been having. So we will see wh at happens now.. :) I didn't let him give me an internal exam. I told him I would rather not know if i am dilated or effaced right now because if I am not I will be disappointed, and also it doesn't really predict when labour will begin. I will post more when something interesting happens or if I do go overdue (which I am really worried about..)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

my 5 year anniversary

Today is my 5 year anniversary. We went out to a nice upscale kosher chinese restaurant. The kids were beng watched by their bubbe. It was nice to eat out for a change :). We both had the General Tsao's Chicken. It was quite yummy and the portions were huge. I took the rest home in a doggie bag. I had chocolate cake and decaf coffee for dessert. Hubby doesn't like cake and they didnt' have anything else for desert except for cake. They had Kahlua cake which I would have loved to try but wasn't sure if it was ok because I am pregnant. (though I am about to give birth any time now. Hear that baby in the tummy??? come out any time!! NOW!) :)
yes, No baby yet! I did have a few contractions in the restaurant but alas, they have stopped. What a shocker. LOL. Tomorrow is my OB appointment. I am trying very hard to keep being patient. I am not officially due until Saturday so I should stop obsessing. But my back hurts and I have heartburn!
Oh well...Well I will post more tomorrow after my OB appointment! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Due in 6 days...

Ok, I am really at the end now and I am also really feeling cranky, kvetchy and irritable today...I am due with babe #4 in 6 days. My daughter was born 5 days early and I am really hoping tomorrow will be the big day or Tuesday. But really tomorrow as I don't feel like going to a vort we were invited to as I feel crappy and I don't feel like walking all the way there and back in the freaking cold and ice. We also have to bring the kids as we have no sitter. I know I should not wish for the baby to be born on a certain day as it may not be the right day but just daven to Hashem that the baby will be born at a good an auspicious time. But that's hard to do when you have constant heartburn, indigestion, gas and constipation for 4 days straight and also being trapped in the house for 4 days due to icy sidewalks and freezing cold weather conditions. Waaah :P
Ok, enough whining by me. Ok, just one more whine. I don't think the cauliphyllum is working! :P Ok, that is the last whine for today I promise.

In other news, Tuesday is my 5 year wedding anniversary :) Not sure if we will be going out for it though. It all depends on if I am pushing out a new little person, or not. :)

I don't feel like typing anymore right now. I feel too kvetchy. Sorry for being like this today :P

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

my 38 week ob appointment

I feel great today B"H. No more nausea or anything. My knee is still painful. My ob took a look at it and it is ok, just bruised, which is what I thought. The baby is not completely descended yet, but is lower down. I asked him if he thought I would have the baby by next week and he said not likely but not impossible. He is on call this thursday and friday and next thursday and friday. I would like it if he was there to deliver my baby. Only G-d knows when the babe's birthday will be though. So I am trying to wait patiently for the big day :). I am glad my energy is back today. I felt so awful yesterday.

In other news we are supposed to have about half a foot of snow starting tonight until tomorrow. My son is off of school on winter break so my mother in law said she would do me a favour and take me and the kids food shopping. I will probably buy some extra food, just in case I have the baby in the next week at least I won't have to worry about doing a food shopping.

Anyway, that is it for now, will post more later..Send some labour vibes my way :P

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Stomach flu is here....

Yikes. I am 38 weeks 2 days pregnant and am sick as a dog. My kids had the stomach flu all weekend, and according to my doula it is going around pretty badly in the community. It started last night with intense stomach pain, that i was not sure if I was going into labour. Still here today, nauseous, stomach cramps, and of course, the other end is getting it too. All this is making me have contractions. I was having them 4 minutes apart (they eventually stopped, which I am very grateful for as I could not handle labour on top of having the stomach flu all in one day). I feel really yucky right now. I can't eat anything. I learned chocolate milk is not good to drink when you have a stomach virus :). I tried some toast but it excited my stomach too much. I feel achy all over too. I am trying to keep up with drinking fluids though. And on top of all this, when I was picking up my son from school, I slipped on a puddle in the hallway and landed on my left knee, while I was pushing the triple stroller and got dragged by the stroller from slipping a few feet. I then landed on my tuchus where I could not get up and had to get my son's teacher to help me. Quite embarrassing. I also could not walk on my leg. At first we were worried it was broken but B"H it is just badly bruised. My left knee is swollen and my arm is sore. What a day. This baby better stay inside until I feel better. I have an ob tomorrow late in the afternoon, unless I give birth by then which I don't think is likely. I did lose more mucus plug though today. :)
I need some chicken soup now. I have to see if I can scrounge any up somehow. I wonder if my mother in law has any in her freezer.

Friday, December 17, 2004


I am going to be 38 weeks on Saturday. My doula and the nurse at my ob's office don't think I will make it till January 1st as my cervix is "already as soft as mashed potatoes." but really, it's in G-d's hands so who knows when labour will begin. I won't be that surprised if I do make it until my due date. I did have an especially embarrassing experience on Wednesday at my son's school when I thought my water broke. I felt a gush, as I was leaving the school, so I went into the washroom, and checked, and I did have a bloody show. That is why I thought the gush was amniotic fluid. It had no odor either so, it just added to my thought. Turns out it was just regular stuff, but the bloody show was just that, a bloody show. The babe is moving much lower down. It has pretty much already dropped now. My son's teachers noticed how low the babe is now as I was carrying quite high before. I am losing pieces of the plug yesterday and also today. I have been having contractions for the past few days too, but they are not strong enough to dilate me. My doula(who is also a midwife but doesn't work as one) saw no change in my cervix other than it is very very mushy. (it is supposd to be hard like the end of your nose, except when you are getting ready to go into labour). So I am stopping the cauliphyllum and resuming it on Monday. (I know I said I was stopping it earlier but I changed my mind :P). So now I am just hanging in there, feeling kind of crappy, just waiting for the real thing to begin. When it will, only G-d knows. :)
If nothing happens that is exciting, I will post more after my next ob appointment on Wednesday. By the way, the door in the examining room is now fixed. Everything is ok, and we were even joking about it. They do now have a sign up though in big letters saying NO STROLLERS ALLOWED IN THIS OFFICE. and all cause of me and my *tiny* triple stroller LOL.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

False Labour

I was picking up kid #1 from school today when I felt a sudden gush. I wasn't alarmed as sometimes this does happen and its just normal discharge/mucus. I kept feeling stuff leak out, and I checked in the washroom and saw some blood; a spot or two. I started freaking out and phoned hubby from my cell phone in the washroom. I think I freaked him out too, so I left the washroom, still feeling gushy, and asked a teacher if she thought it was my water. Next thing I know, it was a whole production. I was having mild contractions (I still am as I type this) but nothing to write home about, certainly not strong enough to dilate me at all. I phoned my doula and she met me at my house, hubby left work to meet us at home, the school called me a taxi, and the teachers were watching the kids until my father in law got there to take them back to my house. My doula has this special paper that turns colours if its amniotic fluid. (this was about 45 minutes after the initial gush). I had not felt anything else leak out since then. The paper read negative, but I was (and am having mild contractions). She checked my cervix and I am closed and not dilated but she said my cervix felt like mashed potatoes, that it was very ripe. I was slightly worried about the blood and she said it is probably nothing to worry about, as it was a small amount, not like when I had a placental abruption with #3 and bled like a period). So, I don't think I will make it till my due date, but one never knows. I am pretty sure i am not going into labour now, and I doubt I will over the weekend. but it's up to the Boss. :) Not me so, one doesn't know until it happens. In any case i hope it's not until next week as that is when my crib is arriving thanks to the crappy service from a certain well known retailer.

Tomorrow is my OB appointment. I will post more after that. I also am having my mother in law take kid #1 to school. I am too embarrassed to go back there until after I have the babe LOL. False alarms are soooooo embarrassing.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Aggravation! AAARGGGGG!!!!!!!

I am so upset right now. 3 weeks ago I ordered a crib from a very well known reputable place. The crib was supposed to be delivered tomorrow. they phoned monday to confirm delivery. Today they phoned me to tell me they actually don't have the crib to deliver and in fact they never received it from the manufacturer. They gave me another phone number to call. I call that number and find out that normally I would get the crib a week late but because of the holiday rush I won't see the crib until January. I tell the lady, I am due in 2 weeks with my fourth kid! I can not wait until January!!!! then she says in a shocked tone, "you are putting a newborn in a crib?????" and I say well I had my other 3 kids sleeping in a crib when they were small and it is fine. (actually #3 is still in a crib which is why I needed another one. He is still too small for a bed). What chutzpah! My pediatrician said it is fine to put them in a crib. I don't like bassinets, it is my personal choice and decision and there is nothing wrong with it. A crib is just fine. Everyone I know puts their baby in a crib. anyway I am getting off topic. So I told the lady to cancel the order and refund my dad's card. so she did. Now I am freaking cribless, having off and on contractions and B"H contractions all day and seriously pissed off as to where the hell I am now going to get a crib a week before the Christmas holiday starts and everything is closed and overbooked for deliveries. I am going to have to go on line to toys r us tomorrow and pray they can deliver the crib ASAP. I hope they give me the option of having it rushed. I remember seeing that choice before in the check out screen. If worst comes to worst, I will have to use the stupid pack and play for a few days. What else is going to go wrong? ARG! I think I need to take some bachs rescue remedy to calm down (a safe homeopathic flower remedy that calms the nerves.)
watch, tomorrow I will go into labour before I get a chance to order the crib elsewhere...,..
on another note my friend had her baby this morning (she was due a few days before me on the 29th) and she told me the hospital is so full of people they had to put her in the ward room, every semi private is filled up (they only ahve one ward room in the unit, the rest is made up of semi's.)
ok, I am done venting now, still don't feel better, but after I officially order a new crib tomorrow and have confirmation, I will be fine.

Monday, December 13, 2004

First Steps

Baby #3, who is 13 months old, took some first steps today, walking with his hands brushing against the wall for support. :) My little boy is growing up! :) I am so proud of him :)

On a different note, tonight is the 7th night of chanukah! :) Good thing Chanukah is almost over... I am going to gain too much weight because of the latkes :P.

And a pregnancy update: 37 weeks now and a few days...lots of BH contractions, nothing else. My doula told me I need to stop the cauliphyllum for one week, after 2 weeks on it, as the body becomes used to it and the cauliphyllum will not work anymore. So, I am going to stop it on the18th and then start it up again on the 25th. Hopefully the second round on it will help me go into labour :) Right now I am not so antsy as my due date is still 3 weeks away. It is still early to worry about going overdue. I will post more after my OB appointment on Thursday. Wish me luck with the obnoxious secretary...

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Tonight is the third night of Chanukah. I've been a good girl and have stayed away from the yummy jelly donuts :). Today I went to the mall to get some cards, one for my grandmother's birthday and one for my 5th wedding anniversary which is at the end of the month. I was in the carlton card store with my triple stroller..which placed the cards in arms reach of kid #2 and kid #3 (kid #1 was in school). Let me tell you, it's quite difficult to look for a nice anniversary card when your 2 1/2 year old is trying to stuff those prepackaged cards into her seat. I sternly told her to put them all back, that you can not take things with out buying. I helped her put them back on the shelf and when I checked out to pay, I looked very carefully through the stroller to make sure she did not take anything else. I apologized to the manager for the mess my daughter created in the aisle. Later on, after we were finished shopping, and I started to get their jackets and hats on, I discovered my daughter had tossed some pre packaged cards into kid #3's seat that I missed. (I didn't check there as I did not expect anything to be in his seat and I was busy). I was sooo embarrassed! I took the box of cards back to the store and told the manager I had missed a pack, that my daughter had tossed it into the seat behind her and I did not notice it. I told her I was soooooo embarrassed. She told me not to worry about it and not to be embarrassed. Lesson learned: Next time I need to buy some cards, I am going to wait till hubby is home to watch the kids. I think I will not be bringing my kids into any card store in the near future.

In other news, lots of BH contractions, some I wasn't sure if maybe they were the real thing or not as it kind of hurt. In any case i hope it is at least effacing my cervix or even maybe dilating slighlty. one can only hope :)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

3 weeks left as of this Saturday!--and Happy Chanukah!

as of this saturday I will be 37 weeks pregnant IY"H. I had my ob appointment today and it was just awful :( First of all, my appointment was for 10:20 (I was the first appointment) and my ob didn't show up until 11 am. Then, he was supposed to do the group b strep test swab and didn't. He would not give me a reason, only saying he will do it next week. I know the reason, it is because he was an hour late and had a whole waiting room full of women waiting for their appointments too. My friend has her appointmet at 12:20 and I called her from my cell and told her about the back up. My ob was so rushed with my appointment, I questioned him as to if he was going to even bother checking the heart beat. (he kept asking me about movements and I thought it was because he was not going to check the heart beat) He did, and B"H the babe's heart beat is fine. The babe is also head down in a good position. Then, as I was leaving the room, after I got my shoes on again, my triple stroller bumped into the sliding door of the room. It never occurred to me that I broke it. I made an appointment for next Thursday, (still pissed about the no group b swab. next thursday I will be 2 days shy of 38 weeks). As I was on my way home, my cell phone rang and it was my OB's secretary (who is also his sister in law, who also has a reputation for beng very nasty) saying I broke the door with my giant stroller and now the doctor can't see patients in that room, blah blah blah. and that from now on I must leave the kids at home with a sitter or bring them in with out the stroller. the doctor will not allow the triple stroller in his office any more. I apologized profusely and felt really crappy.

My friend who's appointment was at lunch time just phoned me while I was typing this, and informed me that they are indeed taking patients into that room, just not the ones that need an internal exam. I still feel kind of bad about the door. My friend said that probably the doc was mad, took it out on the secretary, and she took it out on me. I think when I go in next Thursday I will still apologize to him in person about the door. I think it is just jammed. I bet my hubby could fix it if the Doc would let him. My hubby is pretty handy at these types of things.
I will post more after my appointment next Thursday unless something really exciting happens between now and then.
I also would like to wish everyone a Happy Chanukah :) I am trying really hard to stay away from eating any more of those jelly donuts and latkes :) YUM! :)

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Four weeks to go as of this Saturday IY"H. I met with my doula today to go over some final details regarding my birth plan, breathing, contractions, when to page her, etc etc. I am getting excited! :) It's almost here!! The babe's almost here IY"H. I am going to start the cauliphyllum on the 15th, and take it till I go into labour. If I go over due, then I am going to try castor oil and orange juice. We'll see what happens. I really hope the cauliphyllum works! I have already packed myhospital bags except for some minor stuff like pyjamas, robe, slippers, lactulose (thanks to my slow digestion :P), and glasses/contact lense stuff. Oh, and snacks of course because the kosher hospital food is really awful and very small portions. I bought travel size of shampoo/soap so that is aready taken care of. I got some diapers and formula to take with me to the hospital. (No I am not nursing, long story,don't email me to change my mind :P) I am seeing my OB/gyn on wednesday, where I will get my group b strep test. I will also ask for a requisition for a urine culture as I never did get an answer from my family doc. I am a bit miffed at my family doctor. I got a call back from the office the doc wanted to see me regarding the urine results. They could not see me until almost a week after they called me as the secretary didn't want me to bring in my kids and have to wait around for a long time, not caring that I am about to have a baby soon and if I need a prescription I need to start it ASAP. I kept calling up to get just the prescription. No one working in the office knew which end was up. Turned out the results were contaminated and they needed to redo the test. I asked just to pick up a new requistion instead of waiting in the office with 3 kids 4 and under. No sympathy at all there..no one called me back. I got fed up and cancelled my appointment and am just asking my OB for a test. Why should I have to wait in the office for an hour just to pick up a stupid slip of paper?? Just so OHIP can pay him? ARG. I bet the doc has no idea I even called. I need to find a new family doc. I don't know who to go to in toronto, as all I know about are the docs in New Jersey. So I am very picky here in Toronto as I know nothing about the local docs. the ones my friends recommended to me are not taking new patients (there is a shortage of family docs here in canada and a lot have too many patients so have to stop accepting more patients.) Anyway, I will post more after my OB appointment Wednesday unless something interesting happens that is worth posting about.