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Friday, December 17, 2004


I am going to be 38 weeks on Saturday. My doula and the nurse at my ob's office don't think I will make it till January 1st as my cervix is "already as soft as mashed potatoes." but really, it's in G-d's hands so who knows when labour will begin. I won't be that surprised if I do make it until my due date. I did have an especially embarrassing experience on Wednesday at my son's school when I thought my water broke. I felt a gush, as I was leaving the school, so I went into the washroom, and checked, and I did have a bloody show. That is why I thought the gush was amniotic fluid. It had no odor either so, it just added to my thought. Turns out it was just regular stuff, but the bloody show was just that, a bloody show. The babe is moving much lower down. It has pretty much already dropped now. My son's teachers noticed how low the babe is now as I was carrying quite high before. I am losing pieces of the plug yesterday and also today. I have been having contractions for the past few days too, but they are not strong enough to dilate me. My doula(who is also a midwife but doesn't work as one) saw no change in my cervix other than it is very very mushy. (it is supposd to be hard like the end of your nose, except when you are getting ready to go into labour). So I am stopping the cauliphyllum and resuming it on Monday. (I know I said I was stopping it earlier but I changed my mind :P). So now I am just hanging in there, feeling kind of crappy, just waiting for the real thing to begin. When it will, only G-d knows. :)
If nothing happens that is exciting, I will post more after my next ob appointment on Wednesday. By the way, the door in the examining room is now fixed. Everything is ok, and we were even joking about it. They do now have a sign up though in big letters saying NO STROLLERS ALLOWED IN THIS OFFICE. and all cause of me and my *tiny* triple stroller LOL.


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