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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

3 weeks left as of this Saturday!--and Happy Chanukah!

as of this saturday I will be 37 weeks pregnant IY"H. I had my ob appointment today and it was just awful :( First of all, my appointment was for 10:20 (I was the first appointment) and my ob didn't show up until 11 am. Then, he was supposed to do the group b strep test swab and didn't. He would not give me a reason, only saying he will do it next week. I know the reason, it is because he was an hour late and had a whole waiting room full of women waiting for their appointments too. My friend has her appointmet at 12:20 and I called her from my cell and told her about the back up. My ob was so rushed with my appointment, I questioned him as to if he was going to even bother checking the heart beat. (he kept asking me about movements and I thought it was because he was not going to check the heart beat) He did, and B"H the babe's heart beat is fine. The babe is also head down in a good position. Then, as I was leaving the room, after I got my shoes on again, my triple stroller bumped into the sliding door of the room. It never occurred to me that I broke it. I made an appointment for next Thursday, (still pissed about the no group b swab. next thursday I will be 2 days shy of 38 weeks). As I was on my way home, my cell phone rang and it was my OB's secretary (who is also his sister in law, who also has a reputation for beng very nasty) saying I broke the door with my giant stroller and now the doctor can't see patients in that room, blah blah blah. and that from now on I must leave the kids at home with a sitter or bring them in with out the stroller. the doctor will not allow the triple stroller in his office any more. I apologized profusely and felt really crappy.

My friend who's appointment was at lunch time just phoned me while I was typing this, and informed me that they are indeed taking patients into that room, just not the ones that need an internal exam. I still feel kind of bad about the door. My friend said that probably the doc was mad, took it out on the secretary, and she took it out on me. I think when I go in next Thursday I will still apologize to him in person about the door. I think it is just jammed. I bet my hubby could fix it if the Doc would let him. My hubby is pretty handy at these types of things.
I will post more after my appointment next Thursday unless something really exciting happens between now and then.
I also would like to wish everyone a Happy Chanukah :) I am trying really hard to stay away from eating any more of those jelly donuts and latkes :) YUM! :)


  • At 2:03 p.m., Blogger Writer Waiting said…

    Happy Chanukah! Do the kids enjoy the holiday lights? How exciting this much all be, special days and the impending arrival of a new babe! :)


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