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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Four weeks to go as of this Saturday IY"H. I met with my doula today to go over some final details regarding my birth plan, breathing, contractions, when to page her, etc etc. I am getting excited! :) It's almost here!! The babe's almost here IY"H. I am going to start the cauliphyllum on the 15th, and take it till I go into labour. If I go over due, then I am going to try castor oil and orange juice. We'll see what happens. I really hope the cauliphyllum works! I have already packed myhospital bags except for some minor stuff like pyjamas, robe, slippers, lactulose (thanks to my slow digestion :P), and glasses/contact lense stuff. Oh, and snacks of course because the kosher hospital food is really awful and very small portions. I bought travel size of shampoo/soap so that is aready taken care of. I got some diapers and formula to take with me to the hospital. (No I am not nursing, long story,don't email me to change my mind :P) I am seeing my OB/gyn on wednesday, where I will get my group b strep test. I will also ask for a requisition for a urine culture as I never did get an answer from my family doc. I am a bit miffed at my family doctor. I got a call back from the office the doc wanted to see me regarding the urine results. They could not see me until almost a week after they called me as the secretary didn't want me to bring in my kids and have to wait around for a long time, not caring that I am about to have a baby soon and if I need a prescription I need to start it ASAP. I kept calling up to get just the prescription. No one working in the office knew which end was up. Turned out the results were contaminated and they needed to redo the test. I asked just to pick up a new requistion instead of waiting in the office with 3 kids 4 and under. No sympathy at all there..no one called me back. I got fed up and cancelled my appointment and am just asking my OB for a test. Why should I have to wait in the office for an hour just to pick up a stupid slip of paper?? Just so OHIP can pay him? ARG. I bet the doc has no idea I even called. I need to find a new family doc. I don't know who to go to in toronto, as all I know about are the docs in New Jersey. So I am very picky here in Toronto as I know nothing about the local docs. the ones my friends recommended to me are not taking new patients (there is a shortage of family docs here in canada and a lot have too many patients so have to stop accepting more patients.) Anyway, I will post more after my OB appointment Wednesday unless something interesting happens that is worth posting about.


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