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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Aggravation! AAARGGGGG!!!!!!!

I am so upset right now. 3 weeks ago I ordered a crib from a very well known reputable place. The crib was supposed to be delivered tomorrow. they phoned monday to confirm delivery. Today they phoned me to tell me they actually don't have the crib to deliver and in fact they never received it from the manufacturer. They gave me another phone number to call. I call that number and find out that normally I would get the crib a week late but because of the holiday rush I won't see the crib until January. I tell the lady, I am due in 2 weeks with my fourth kid! I can not wait until January!!!! then she says in a shocked tone, "you are putting a newborn in a crib?????" and I say well I had my other 3 kids sleeping in a crib when they were small and it is fine. (actually #3 is still in a crib which is why I needed another one. He is still too small for a bed). What chutzpah! My pediatrician said it is fine to put them in a crib. I don't like bassinets, it is my personal choice and decision and there is nothing wrong with it. A crib is just fine. Everyone I know puts their baby in a crib. anyway I am getting off topic. So I told the lady to cancel the order and refund my dad's card. so she did. Now I am freaking cribless, having off and on contractions and B"H contractions all day and seriously pissed off as to where the hell I am now going to get a crib a week before the Christmas holiday starts and everything is closed and overbooked for deliveries. I am going to have to go on line to toys r us tomorrow and pray they can deliver the crib ASAP. I hope they give me the option of having it rushed. I remember seeing that choice before in the check out screen. If worst comes to worst, I will have to use the stupid pack and play for a few days. What else is going to go wrong? ARG! I think I need to take some bachs rescue remedy to calm down (a safe homeopathic flower remedy that calms the nerves.)
watch, tomorrow I will go into labour before I get a chance to order the crib elsewhere...,..
on another note my friend had her baby this morning (she was due a few days before me on the 29th) and she told me the hospital is so full of people they had to put her in the ward room, every semi private is filled up (they only ahve one ward room in the unit, the rest is made up of semi's.)
ok, I am done venting now, still don't feel better, but after I officially order a new crib tomorrow and have confirmation, I will be fine.


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