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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Due in 6 days...

Ok, I am really at the end now and I am also really feeling cranky, kvetchy and irritable today...I am due with babe #4 in 6 days. My daughter was born 5 days early and I am really hoping tomorrow will be the big day or Tuesday. But really tomorrow as I don't feel like going to a vort we were invited to as I feel crappy and I don't feel like walking all the way there and back in the freaking cold and ice. We also have to bring the kids as we have no sitter. I know I should not wish for the baby to be born on a certain day as it may not be the right day but just daven to Hashem that the baby will be born at a good an auspicious time. But that's hard to do when you have constant heartburn, indigestion, gas and constipation for 4 days straight and also being trapped in the house for 4 days due to icy sidewalks and freezing cold weather conditions. Waaah :P
Ok, enough whining by me. Ok, just one more whine. I don't think the cauliphyllum is working! :P Ok, that is the last whine for today I promise.

In other news, Tuesday is my 5 year wedding anniversary :) Not sure if we will be going out for it though. It all depends on if I am pushing out a new little person, or not. :)

I don't feel like typing anymore right now. I feel too kvetchy. Sorry for being like this today :P


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