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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

False Labour

I was picking up kid #1 from school today when I felt a sudden gush. I wasn't alarmed as sometimes this does happen and its just normal discharge/mucus. I kept feeling stuff leak out, and I checked in the washroom and saw some blood; a spot or two. I started freaking out and phoned hubby from my cell phone in the washroom. I think I freaked him out too, so I left the washroom, still feeling gushy, and asked a teacher if she thought it was my water. Next thing I know, it was a whole production. I was having mild contractions (I still am as I type this) but nothing to write home about, certainly not strong enough to dilate me at all. I phoned my doula and she met me at my house, hubby left work to meet us at home, the school called me a taxi, and the teachers were watching the kids until my father in law got there to take them back to my house. My doula has this special paper that turns colours if its amniotic fluid. (this was about 45 minutes after the initial gush). I had not felt anything else leak out since then. The paper read negative, but I was (and am having mild contractions). She checked my cervix and I am closed and not dilated but she said my cervix felt like mashed potatoes, that it was very ripe. I was slightly worried about the blood and she said it is probably nothing to worry about, as it was a small amount, not like when I had a placental abruption with #3 and bled like a period). So, I don't think I will make it till my due date, but one never knows. I am pretty sure i am not going into labour now, and I doubt I will over the weekend. but it's up to the Boss. :) Not me so, one doesn't know until it happens. In any case i hope it's not until next week as that is when my crib is arriving thanks to the crappy service from a certain well known retailer.

Tomorrow is my OB appointment. I will post more after that. I also am having my mother in law take kid #1 to school. I am too embarrassed to go back there until after I have the babe LOL. False alarms are soooooo embarrassing.


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