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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My OB appointment today! :)

Well, I had my 39 week OB appoinment today. I am officially due in 3 days G-d willing. The ob said that the baby is in a good position now for labour, completely engaged, head down, B"H. I asked him if he thought I would make it till my next appointment next week where I would then be almost a week overdue. His educated guess is that there is a good chance I would not go past my due date of this Saturday...of course only Hashem knows when I will go into full blown labour, so I am trying not to get too excited. My doula said he told one girl she wouldn't have her baby for at least another week, and she gave birth the next day. It is just his educated guess based on position of the babe and some of the irregular infrequent painful contractions I told him I have been having. So we will see wh at happens now.. :) I didn't let him give me an internal exam. I told him I would rather not know if i am dilated or effaced right now because if I am not I will be disappointed, and also it doesn't really predict when labour will begin. I will post more when something interesting happens or if I do go overdue (which I am really worried about..)


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