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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Stomach flu is here....

Yikes. I am 38 weeks 2 days pregnant and am sick as a dog. My kids had the stomach flu all weekend, and according to my doula it is going around pretty badly in the community. It started last night with intense stomach pain, that i was not sure if I was going into labour. Still here today, nauseous, stomach cramps, and of course, the other end is getting it too. All this is making me have contractions. I was having them 4 minutes apart (they eventually stopped, which I am very grateful for as I could not handle labour on top of having the stomach flu all in one day). I feel really yucky right now. I can't eat anything. I learned chocolate milk is not good to drink when you have a stomach virus :). I tried some toast but it excited my stomach too much. I feel achy all over too. I am trying to keep up with drinking fluids though. And on top of all this, when I was picking up my son from school, I slipped on a puddle in the hallway and landed on my left knee, while I was pushing the triple stroller and got dragged by the stroller from slipping a few feet. I then landed on my tuchus where I could not get up and had to get my son's teacher to help me. Quite embarrassing. I also could not walk on my leg. At first we were worried it was broken but B"H it is just badly bruised. My left knee is swollen and my arm is sore. What a day. This baby better stay inside until I feel better. I have an ob tomorrow late in the afternoon, unless I give birth by then which I don't think is likely. I did lose more mucus plug though today. :)
I need some chicken soup now. I have to see if I can scrounge any up somehow. I wonder if my mother in law has any in her freezer.


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