A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Friday, January 28, 2005

failure to gain weight

I feel like my heart is breaking. I don't know what is wrong with my new baby. She is not gaining weight. She is three weeks old and she only gained 3 oz since she has been born and is not up to her birth weight yet. The appointment did not go well as you can tell. I have to bring her back in Tuesday morning for another weigh in, along with the food log I've been keeping, and a bottle to feed in front of the doc so he can see himself how well she is taking the bottle (she is a very fussy and is a slow eater). I also have to make a bottle in front of him so he can see if I am doing something wrong. I told him this is my fourth kid, I think I know how to make a bottle, and all my other kids gained okay, with the exception of my other daughter who had an intolerance to milk formula. The doc said that he knows, but he has to consider all possibilities. I am really worried something is wrong with her. She is eating all this formula and where is it going?? why is she not gaining? Why didn't I breast feed if this is how formula feeding was going to be? I am really upset with myself. I should have breastfed. I really wanted to, but I was afraid to try again after what happened with the first try with #1, and now look at all the aggravation I am going through with the stupid formula. If I have another baby in the future, G-d willing, I am definitely going to give breast feeding another try. This crap with the formula is not worth it. The doc told me not to switch formulas as they are all pretty much the same. She is having frequent poops like my other daughter did, except hers are not diarrhea and bulky, where my other daughter's were. What a great Shabbos I am going to have. I am having such a wonderful 3 weeks. (yes, I am being sarcastic). Good thing I still have my sense of humor.
I will post more after Tuesday. And if anyone wants to, please daven that there is nothing seriously wrong with my daughter, and that she should gain weight finally. (being next week is her 4th week and she is still not up at her birthweight :()

Thursday, January 27, 2005

it's spreading...

My four year old came home from school very quiet and subdued. He also looked quite pale. He asked to watch tv, so I turned on blue's clues, and then my 14 month old threw up all over. While I was changing him and cleaning him up, my four year old started crying, and calling me. Poor kid threw up all over the flloor twice. I cleaned it and gave him a bath, so now he is nice and clean. I asked him if he wanted toast but he said no. I am not sure what is safe to feed them that won't make them throw up, so I think I will ask my mother in law for some tips. Tomorrow should prove interesting, having 3 throwing up kids at home all day while tending to the baby. I think I will be asking my in laws for some help tomorrow :) Boy, I wish my family lived in toronto...there is nothing like having your own family to help, as much as I like having my in laws help and they love to help also.

It's throw up time

what an exciting month...now 2 of my kids have a norwalk type virus and have been throwing up. First my 2 1/2 year old, the other night, woke up crying, and when I went to her, I saw she threw up on her bed, and then her brother's bed on her way to see me. My poor girl :( Yesterday she threw up only once but had 2 or three bouts of very loose poop. Today she seemed ok, no throwing up or diarrhea but was just lying around. I called a doctor to come to the house, and he said it is just a virus, after a thorough exam. Then, about an hour ago, my 14 month old started having a crying fit and then up comes lunch. then, as I was carrying him off to the bathroom to clean him off, out came dessert. Good thing I have a bi g bottle of Prosolve carpet cleaner :). I hope my 4 year old does not catch it. I don't think my newborn will get it. they are pretty immune to these things at this age. I hope I do not catch it either. that i all I need. I am exhausted as it is without throwing up. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Luckily hubby knows how to do laundry :).

In other news, my infant daughter seems to have become good friends with the colic monster. Yes, colic, my good old buddy from when my 4 year old was an infant. I managed to avoid mr. colic with #2 and 3, but I guess the colic monster missed me as he is back :). she doesn't seem to have colic as bad as #1 did. Actually, it is either colic or her days and nights are confused. All I know is I am living off of 3 hours of sleep a night with an hour or two thrown in during th day when #2, #3, and #4 are napping. I am rambling. see what sleep deprivation does to you? :P
I reall hope I don't end up with the stomach virus my kids have. I am still getting over that stupid cold I got last week after the d and c. That reminds me, I wonder how long is normal to bleed after having one of those. It's been a week and a day now...I will have to ask my doula about shephard's purse to see about drying it up. I used it the last time I had a d and c for retained placenta, after #2, when I couldn't stop spotting. It is a herb that helps dry up the bleeding, but it tastes like yuck.
ok, enough ramblign now for me. They are all napping so I can now catch a few zzz's before kid #1 comes home from school, and then I have to get supper going and then go food shopping and buy challahs for shabbos. I wish my family lived in Toronto so I could just ask my dad for a lift to the market instead of having to go in the cold to the atm and get a cab.

I will post more tomorrow after I have a bit more rest, to update you on new baby's weigh in at the pediatrician.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

she's 2 weeks old!

Today the baby is now 2 weeks old. Her appointment with the pediatrician this past Friday did not go as well as I expected. She only gained 2 oz. in one week which left both the pediatrician and me puzzled. She is being formula fed, she is eating 2-3 oz every two hours, and I am making up the bottles as indicated in the directions on the formula, plus I formula fed all my kids so I know how to make up a bottle by now. the only thing I can think of is maybe this formula is not agreeing with her. She is on the good start formula. She is pooping okay, (as she had demonstrated for the doc LOL). He told me not to worry, that sometimes babies don't start really gaining until after 2 weeks, and she was not officially 2 weeks at her check up on Friday. I am bringing her in this upcoming Friday for a weigh in. If she still has not gained appropriately then I am going to ask the doc to switch formulas. My first ended up on soy formula, my second was on Nutramigen, third was on good start, and i thought good start would be okay this time too. Let's just hope she gains ok this week. She is certainly eating enough. The problem is though, sometimes she will take one ounce, refuse the rest, and then take another 2 ounces an hour or two later. My doc told me this is normal though. The other thing I worry about is the middle of the night feeding. She, on the odd occation refuses it, or will only take one ounce and start to make a gagging noise and refuse the rest. I might phone my pediatrician tomorrow to mention this. She often does take a bottle in the middle of the night., more than she refuses one, but last night and one time before this she refused and I tried a bunch of times to get her to eat. Sigh..I hope she doesn't end up on nutramigen. that stuff is expensive, 100 bucks for 12 cans.

In other news, I feel really tired and washed out, which may be because i have a very bad cold, but I think my iron is too low. Today I just simply went to the mall to redeem a gift card someone gave me as a present for the baby and I started gushing and had to go home and put my feet up. My ob had tested my platelets and other stuff so I guess I will find out next week if I need to take an iron supplement.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Welcome to the Flu

So much for the flu vaccine. What a waste. I went to my ob's office, and he told me the lower abdominal pain is normal as he just did a scraping of the uterus. He took my temp, and felt my abdomen, kidney, lymph nodes under the neck, which are swollen, and made sure I wasn't still engored with milk. (I wasn't). so the end result is I am coming down with the flu. That doesn't surprise me, as kid #3 has a bad cold and cough. At least I don't have to worry about endometritis B"H.

Tomrrow is the 2 week check up for new baby and I am also bringing kid #3 in to make sure he doesn't need antibiotics for his cough.

running a fever again

ARG!. Woke up feeling ok, except for some lower abdominal pains, started getting chills around 11 am and feeling sick, and running a low grade fever. Called my ob at 2 pm and now going to see him at 5 pm. Don't know if I have endometritis or just getting sick, as my throat is sore a bit too. being I just had surgery though, and I am having some lower abdominal pain, better to just check it out to make sure. I am frustrated. this whole ordeal could have been avoided if the ob who delivered my daughter just double checked, even though she was already sure everything was out. I am not having any foul odor or anything, and my bleeding seems to have stopped, I am just having the lower abdominal pain. I know my ob mentioned scarring as a small possible from the d and c and now I am starting to be worried. I am sorry I read up on the internet after I felt sick and had a low grade because now I am freaking myself out with something that is probably really rare (scarring).

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

tired and sore

Well, we got to the hospital today at 12:45 pm. My ob was a bit behind and met me at 2 pm. He said the dr. that delivered my daughter was sure she got it all out, and the ultrasound was suggestive, that it could be either a retained placenta or just blood in the uterus, but due to the fact that I was passing big blood clots and in pain we did the d and c and it turns out my instinct was right. After the surgery, my ob said there was definitely retained placental tissue there. Not only that, when we did pre-op stuff before surgery, I had started running a low grade fever again, and having chills. Now I am feeling tired and sore. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better. I think my oldest knew something was up as he kept asking me how my tummy felt.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

surgery tomorrow.

I am going to be meeting my ob at 1 pm tomorrow, and then probably going for surgery (d and c) after. I am not supposed to eat after midnite so I am assuming I am going. I had called my ob's office at 3:30 because I was worried he would not be in his office tomorrow (I was right apparently. Good thing I phoned). They put me on hold, and 2 minutes later told me, meet him tomorrow, don't bring the kids, don't eat after midnite. My mother in law is driving me and hubby to hospital with the kids and watching them for us, and we will probably take a cab back after. Will post more probably over the weekend G-d willing. I am kind of upset, now I have retained placenta again, for the third time.

now its time to wait....

I have a feeling I do have retained placental fragments. When I went today, the technician took one look at the ultrasound and told me she was rushing it over to my ob with a verbal. So I asked her, do I have a retained placenta or not? and she replied it's not her job to tell me. Sigh. then she had me empty my bladder to do a more detailed ultrasound. So my ob will get the results by 4 pm. I hopefully will find out tomorrow but i think my ob may be on call in hospital tomorrow so I may not find out till thursday. I really hope it's just a general policy to do verbals, and that I am being upset for nothing. my friend who had a retained placenta with her first said they sent out a verbal when she had one, so I have a sinking feeling. I really am upset. I am going to be on pins and needles till tomorrow. It frustrates me that the technician knows whether or not I have it and won't tell me.

2 pm ultrasound...wish me luck!

I am going for an ultrasound at 2 pm to see if I have retained products or not. My ob's secretary started to give me a hard time. My dad was pretty stern to her, (he had driven me there and went up to the office with me), and the next thing I know I got my requistion. The ultrasound clinic receptionist knows me for a long while, so she squeezed me in at 2 pm today. There was an opening. So it's perfect. G-d willing, they will take me on time as my dad and sister are leaving later this afternoon and need to be on their way soon after. I really hope it's just muscular pain and not retained placenta and that giant clot yesterday was just a result of me doing too much. I will find out in less than an hour. I wish I didn't have that stupid mochachino before because now I feel really jumpy on top of being nervous about the ultrasound. I will post more when I find out more about the results.

possible retained placenta

I am sitting here a nervous wreck waiting for my ob to show up to his office so I can ask him for a requisition for an ultrasound to make sure I don't have retained placenta yet again. Sigh. I tried to go to my family doc this morning but ended up walking out really annoyed as there was no secretary, about 6 people waiting, and he was with one patient for a half hour alone. My dad has to leave at 2 pm, and after that I have no lift to the doc. Instead of waiting my time with a doc who has shown no knowledge regarding anything to do wiht pregnancy, I phoned my ob's office, and they told me to call back around 12 pm. So I guess I will call now. his secretary is rather difficult, some of my friends have switched obs because of her nasty disposition. I hope the nice assistant answers the phone. I am unsure as to whether I actually have a retained placenta or I am just doing too much...all I know is I have been having some lower abdominal pain and passed a rather large clot yesterday. My doula told me it could be because I did too much but being I have had retained placenta with two of my four pregnancies it is better not to take a chance. Ok..here it goes...dialing now...

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Mastitis..can anyone say ouch??

Ouch, ouch ouch....PAIN. I woke up on Shabbos morning feeling sick, like I had the flu. I am not nursing, so I thought that the fact that my milk had come in and caused engorement was the reason I was in an extreme amount of pain. So painful I could only sleep on my back as it hurt too much to sleep on my sides. After shabbos was over, I took my temperature and saw I was running a low grade fever and my right side was all swollen and red and hot in one area. I went to the rapid care clinic and the doc told me I had mastitis, and put me on keflex 500 mg 4x a day. I took 3 doses of it and feel a bit better. Still sore but not as excruciating. I am supposed to follow up with my family doc as the rapid care clinic doc said sometimes you can develop an abscess in the breast. So just to be on the safe side I am going to try to get an appointment with my family doc hopefully for Tuesday.

In other news, got the kids' hair cuts today. (just #1 and #2's hair.) #1, my 4 year old son suddently developed a fear of scissors and had a big fit. Luckily my dad is here so he helped distract him so the lady could cut his hair. #2, my daughter was very easy and didn't mind getting her hair cut (just her bangs actually) I then tried to run some other errands and realized I am not up to going back to my normal routine yet even when I have a lift and don't have to walk. I am exhausted now, and I guess my body is not ready yet. I started taking materna again as I think I might be anemic and the iron in it will help me, hopefully. I hadn't taken materna during the pregnancy as their old formula had too much iron in it and it was making me sick. They reformulated the vitamin so now it is less iron and I can tolerate it much better. I think also the fact that I was sick wasn't doing anything to boost my energy levels.

and in new Baby News, new baby girl has been quite fussy, but I finally got around to buying some batteries for the bouncy seat and it seems to really calm her down. She is a week old today! :)

Friday, January 14, 2005

The First Pediatrician Appointment

Today was the babe's first appointment with the pediatrician. She is already starting to regain some of her birth weight. (She was born 8 lb 5 oz, discharged at 7 lb 15 oz) She is now back up to 8 lbs. I was concerned because she seemed to be pooping a lot, and had a sore rash despite frequent changings. The doc said it's normal, and the rash is probably from the commercial wipes I am using. He recommended using a wash cloth and some warm water for now until she is a bit older and her skin less sensitive. I was worried about the poop thing because with my other daughter, when she was this age, she pooped a lot, and they thought she had cystic fibrosis as it was very bulky and fatty and she kept losing weight despite eating normally (the doc sent iaway a stool sample to the lab for analysis and it was 35 percent fat) (thank G-d she doesn't have cystic fibrosis) It turned out just to be an intolerance to the enfamil, and she was put on nutramigen. My other two never pooped like that, and so when I saw babe #4 pooping at every feed, I was very worried. Now that the doc has reassured me it's normal and her weight gain is good, I can quit worrying about it.
She has to go back next Friday for her 2 week check up.

In other news, my dad and sister are coming up from New Jersey to see everyone. They are staying for a week to help out also, as hubby has to return to work on Monday.

The kids' reaction to the babe

So far, the kids seem to be reacting very well to the new babe. The oldest loves her, and is very affectionate with her, but now has a cold so I am trying to keep him from being all over her. Kid #2, the 2 1/2 year old , doesn't seem to care much one way or the other, but doesn't seem bothered by her at all. She seems more bothered by kid #3 LOL. Kid #3 looks at the babe with a puzzled expression, not sure what to make of her. It's pretty cute. He does try to swipe her bottles as he thinks they are his LOL. He is too little to really react to the babe as he is only 13 1/2 months.

Today is the babe's first check up with the pediatrician. I will post more later after the appointment if I can get hubby off the computer for a few minutes :P

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

She's here! (finally!)

On Sunday, January 9, 2005, at 9:12 p.m. my pokey little princess decided to finally come out and meet the world. :) She weighs in at 8 lb 5 oz and is 20 inches long. My labour was pretty short, about 3 hours. We had to wait around all day though for the induction. Here is my birth story for those who are interested. :)

On Sunday, I had not received a call from labour and delivery, and it was already after 8 a.m. I phoned them and they told me they were pretty busy but would call me by noon. 10 minutes later, I received a call from them telling me to come in right away for the induction; that the ob on call wanted me to come in. So we picked up our doula and rushed over, without even getting a chance to eat breakfast. After we arrived, the nurse came out and said, oh good, you are here for your non stress test. I gave her a puzzled look and said no, I am here for my induction. Turned out there was a miscommunication between the nurse that called me and the nuse who told her to call. I had a non stress test, which was good, B"H. When the ob on call examined me though, he decided to go ahead anyway with the induction. I was already 4 cm dilated and having cramping, so I would have probably gone into labour on my own sometime in the next day or two. The problem was, labour and delivery was not busy, but upstairs in the post partum unit, the nicu was full and the nurses needed to give them more attention. They were not happy that the ob decided to induce me anyway. By the time I got into a room and had my water broken it was 3 pm. Luckily, my mother in law sent us with food, which we had for lunch while in triage after the non stress test or else I have no clue how we would have had energy for the labour.

Now the fun begins:

They broke my water and gave me 2 hours to start contractions on my own. The ob (who is chief of obstetrics) had trouble breaking my water as the membranes were quite thick. He had to use an internal fetal monitor to puncture the waters, but it kept slipping off the baby due to her hair (it got tangled in her hair, so he gave up trying to attach it to her, which I am grateful for as I hate internal monitors.). I did not start regular contractions on my own, so by 6 pm. I got an epidural and oxytocin. They had to increase the oxytocin a few times, and by 9 pm, I started feeling pushy. I actually did not have to push, the babe made her way out on her own LOL. She was born at 9:12 p.m. Her apgars were 9 and 9. :)

Now for the scary part: I started passing giant dinner plate size blood clots and my uterus decided to not contract properly after the placenta was out, so I had to remain on oxytocin iv for the next day. It was kind of scary. The nurses kept coming in and massaging my uterus and taking my blood pressure, temp, etc. By 5:30 p.m. the next day, I was still on oxytocin but the nurses were happy with my progress, and my uterus was finally hard, so they took me off the oxytocin. My bleeding was ok, but 1 am today, I passed another giant huge clot. The nurse I told pretty much brushed it off. I was very concerned though as I was afraid about uncontrolled bleeding. I also did not like the way she spoke to . I paged my doula, feelign really bad being it was 1 am but I felt it was warranted. She called me back, and told me if it continues I should ask to see the ob on call, and that some girls who pass lots of clots may need a d and c. She also told me to take ibruprofen and if the pain doesn't stop, then definitely insist on seeing the ob on call right away. B"H the advil worked and I had not passed any more giant clots. but I have to be really really careful the next several weeks or I will G-d forbid end up in the e.r. I stupidly tried lifting babe #3 just before and it hurt too much, even though he is only 13 months old and not too heavy. Hopefully by 4 weeks post partum I will G-d willing be able to go about my normal routine.

That's it for now, I will post more when I am feeling a bit better, probably in the next few days G-d willing :)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

7 days overdue..tomorrow I am being Induced

Well, the babe is refusing to come on it's own, and unless I suddenly go into labour tonight on my own, tomorrow morning I will be waiting for the call from labour and delivery with my induction time. I am scared, to say the least, as when I was induced with my first it was a total and complete mess..a horrible labour and delivery that left me in a lot of pain for a few months..thank G-d for that boppy pillow LOL. I made it clear to family that I need the phone line clear for the hospital (we don't have call waiting) and I will call them after I find out what time I need to be there. the last time, when I was induced with #1, they called up anyway and I almost missed the call from the hospital. I also worry that the girl who was due this past friday will go into labour tomorrow and my doula won't be able to make my induction...I know it sounds selfish but I really want her at my induction! and i am sure the girl who was due friday really wants her too, so for both of our sakes, let's hope our labour/induction doesnt' coincide with each other. and my last worry for the day: I am worried that when I get to teh hospital they will tell me they suddenly got busy and tell me to come back tomorrow, which is what happened when I was scheduled for induction with #1.

Ok, enough worrying for now..I will hopefully post my induction time tomorrow in my blog...

Friday, January 07, 2005

6 days overdue, going on 7

Tomorrow (Saturday) I will be a week overdue. I am hoping to make it until sunday for my induction as I don't like the ob on call for shabbos, and besides, too many technicalities. I am really tired today, and can hardly walk. I hope I get a good rest this shabbos, before Sunday's excitement. :) (they better not send me home after they tell me what time to come in or I be really upset.) I also really hope my doula can make my induction. There is another lady due, today or tomorrow, with her first. First babes are usually late, but you never know. I am actually pretty anxious about my doula not being there. Anyway, it's too close to shabbos now, so I should probably end this post. candlelighting is in 10 mintues, and I have to disengage my four year old from tv now, which is not an easy task being Dora the explorer is on.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Being induced on Sunday...

I am scheduled for an induction on Sunday, where I will be 8 days overdue. I had a choice between Sunday and Monday and I chose sunday as I was not crazy abou the ob on call for Monday. I am worried as my ob will be away for the week, and that is what happened when I was induced with #1. My ob was away and the hospital tried to switch my induction for another day. G-d willing that won't happen and everything will go smoothly. There is always the chance I can go into labour on my own before then, but the OB on call for shabbos is totally awful. She slapped one of my doula's other clients on the bum when she was pushing out the baby because she didn't like the girl screaming. She also walked out of the room too. I met her once when I was having premature labour at 24 weeks with #3 due to a placental abruption that took place a few weeks before that. She told me, well, can't stop the contractions, can't save the baby, just lie there and see what happens. and then she walked out of the room. She is a real b. word.

I hope my labour will be much easier with this one than the first time I was induced. I am scared, as I almost had a c-section with #1. Anyway, G-d willing everything will be better this time I hope. Will keep everyone updated on what happens :)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

my OB appt. tomorrow..soon to be 5 days overdue

In 1 and a half hours I will be 5 days overdue. My stubborn baby LOL. Anyway, I was concerned about the baby's movements and my doula came over to monitor the heart beat, which was B"H fine. She thinks I don't feel a lot of movement as the placenta is probably in the front. She felt lots of movement that I had barely detected. She also stripped my membranes again, and gave me another dose of the herb thing that starts with a letter P. I am still stuck at 3 cm and am actually only 50 percent effaced, not 80 like we thought the last time. All those contractions I had the night before did nothing to dilate me, which I had figured as much as they were so irregular. My OB appt was supposed to be 6 pm tomorrow but the office changed it to 10 am as we are expecting another big snow storm (it is mostly the frozen rain that is going to be the problem). My doula said my OB will most likely send me to the hospital for a non stress test and bio physical, and based on the results either I will be booked for an induction for tomorrow, if it is not busy in labour and delivery, or Monday. Monday is the latest he will let me go as I will be 10 days overdue then. I can't believe it LOL. I really thought the babe would have come out by now. With #1, my 4 year old son, I was induced at 5 days over due because my biophysical results were not that great. he was 8 lb 7 oz. With #2, my 2 1/2 year old daughter, she came 5 days early and weighed 8 lb 12 oz. #3 (my 13 month old son) came 1 day overdue, at 7 lb 11 oz. This one, I guess is going back to the pattern of #1 of being overdue, except I hope to avoid being induced, keeping in mind the slight chance maybe I will go into labour before 10 am tomorrow. My doula is guessing the babe is a nice size, based on her palpitations of my tummy. She figures somewhere around the size of kid #2. Ouch. :P the longer the kid stays in the bigger it will grow so I hope it will come out soon. Anyway, I am not sure if I will be induced tomorrow or not. All I know is if I don't have it by Monday I will probably be induced then at the latest. I will keep everyone posted. I am kind of scared of induction as I came extremely close to a c-section when I was induced with #1. send me some labor vibes!!!!

4 days overdue

No progress, no contractions, nothing. I am worried if my blood pressure is ok as I have been gettting some headaches and my face is swollen this morning. Good thing I am seeing my OB tomorrow, when I will be 5 days over due. Sigh.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I'm stripped! (the membranes that is..) Day 3 of being overdue...

I woke up this morning to yet another bout of tiny spotting. I paged my doula (who was trained as a midwife)who then came over, to listen to the baby's heart beat,which B"H sounds fine. She stripped my membranes for me, which was kind of uncomfortable but to be expected. I was only 1-2 cm dilated, but after she stripped me I was 3 cm. She is also a herbalist, and she gave me 2 different types of herbal remedy to take to kick start labour. The first was..well actually I forgot the name of it but it starts with a P. It is used to start a delayed labour and you only take it one time. The other was Blue cohosh. (I was out of cauliphyllum since last week and she also ran out too.) Blue cohosh is the same thing, but in liquid form. I just take it 2 times a day, 24 drops in a bit of water. So let's see what happens...There is another client due Friday with her first babe, and I hope my labour and hers doesn't coincide for both of our sakes. First babies are usually late but I know my luck, and also that it isn't a hard and fast rule. The back up doula I wanted to use is in Israel...and the one my doula was going to ask to be back up, I met her once at a simcha and we didn't click. So I really hope that my doula will be able to be at my birth. I feel really uncomfortable with a stranger coaching me during labour. I am sure she is really nice and a great doula but I really want my doula there! and I am sure so does the girl who is due on Friday,especially it is her first baby. Anyway I am done rambling now. me and my stubborn baby that is refusing to come out and meet the world will post more later on our progress or lack there of. :)

Monday, January 03, 2005

Soon to be 3 days overdue...

Looks like I am going to be going on day 3 of being overdue. My OB was on call today, will be until 7, but I doubt I will start labour in the next 45 minutes. I hope maybe G-d willing tomorrow will be the day I will deliver. If I don't have the babe by Wednesday, my dad and sister have to postpone their flight for another week. I guess I will probably make my OB appointment for this Thursday after all at this rate. I did have a few contractions today but nothing regular. Will keep everyone updated on my lack of progress :P

are things starting to happen?!?

I just woke up with a short mild contraction and loss of mucus plug. Hmm...does this mean the babe will come today? Only time will tell...I bet it won't come until tomorrow as when I lost the mucus plug with the others with the exception of babe #1 where I was induced, the babe came the next day. Guess I will have to hang in there to wait and see...

Now 2 days overdue...

I guess the baby is taking after me with being stubborn LOL. Now 2 days past my due date. No sign of babe coming. No contractions or anything. Trying to be patient...would be easier if some famiily members would quit being anxious and telling me to "go have the baby" like I have control over when labour begins!! ARG. There I go being irritable again. Sorry :) But then again it is 3 am so what do you expect? ? :P
Will keep everyone updated...

Sunday, January 02, 2005

No baby yet! Now officially 1 day overdue!

No baby yet. I panicked slightly yesterday when I passed a tiny blood clot. I paged my doula after shabbos to speak to her about it and she said it is a bit of lochia which sometimes comes out when you have labour and after the birth, but I was having no contractions. She had me drink something sugary and test the babe for movements. B"H I felt the babe fine. I haven't had any more since but if I do she told me to call labour and delivery and tell them what happened and go for a non stress test. Hopefully it won't come to that. I really hope this babe decides to come out before next shabbos! I don't mind going a few days overdue I guess. (what choice do I really have anyway? LOL). The babe isn't ready yet to meet the world :) I am kind of glad I am not in labour now as I have some type of flu or something, despite the flu shot. I feel better today but yesterday was quite achy and sick. Today all I have is a sore throat. So hopefully the babe will be born after the sore throat goes away.

I will keep everyone posted on the labour or non labour as it seems.