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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Being induced on Sunday...

I am scheduled for an induction on Sunday, where I will be 8 days overdue. I had a choice between Sunday and Monday and I chose sunday as I was not crazy abou the ob on call for Monday. I am worried as my ob will be away for the week, and that is what happened when I was induced with #1. My ob was away and the hospital tried to switch my induction for another day. G-d willing that won't happen and everything will go smoothly. There is always the chance I can go into labour on my own before then, but the OB on call for shabbos is totally awful. She slapped one of my doula's other clients on the bum when she was pushing out the baby because she didn't like the girl screaming. She also walked out of the room too. I met her once when I was having premature labour at 24 weeks with #3 due to a placental abruption that took place a few weeks before that. She told me, well, can't stop the contractions, can't save the baby, just lie there and see what happens. and then she walked out of the room. She is a real b. word.

I hope my labour will be much easier with this one than the first time I was induced. I am scared, as I almost had a c-section with #1. Anyway, G-d willing everything will be better this time I hope. Will keep everyone updated on what happens :)


  • At 5:51 p.m., Blogger Tova said…

    Good luck!

    My doctor walked out when I was ready to push, too. I said, "Where did you go?" She said, "To get a burger. What do you think? To wash my hands." Feh. I switched to a midwife for my next baby, especially since they lost my chart when I returned for an annual exam 18 months after delivery. I figured, if I have to start again, let me go to someone good. :)

    Maybe you'll be lucky and have the baby before Shabbos! I guess it's just not ready to come out yet. One of my former bosses was "so overdue" but had the baby 3 days before being induced, and he was tiny. Like, under 7 lbs. So I guess he really wasn't ready to come out and they had the due date wrong. :)


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