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Thursday, January 27, 2005

It's throw up time

what an exciting month...now 2 of my kids have a norwalk type virus and have been throwing up. First my 2 1/2 year old, the other night, woke up crying, and when I went to her, I saw she threw up on her bed, and then her brother's bed on her way to see me. My poor girl :( Yesterday she threw up only once but had 2 or three bouts of very loose poop. Today she seemed ok, no throwing up or diarrhea but was just lying around. I called a doctor to come to the house, and he said it is just a virus, after a thorough exam. Then, about an hour ago, my 14 month old started having a crying fit and then up comes lunch. then, as I was carrying him off to the bathroom to clean him off, out came dessert. Good thing I have a bi g bottle of Prosolve carpet cleaner :). I hope my 4 year old does not catch it. I don't think my newborn will get it. they are pretty immune to these things at this age. I hope I do not catch it either. that i all I need. I am exhausted as it is without throwing up. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Luckily hubby knows how to do laundry :).

In other news, my infant daughter seems to have become good friends with the colic monster. Yes, colic, my good old buddy from when my 4 year old was an infant. I managed to avoid mr. colic with #2 and 3, but I guess the colic monster missed me as he is back :). she doesn't seem to have colic as bad as #1 did. Actually, it is either colic or her days and nights are confused. All I know is I am living off of 3 hours of sleep a night with an hour or two thrown in during th day when #2, #3, and #4 are napping. I am rambling. see what sleep deprivation does to you? :P
I reall hope I don't end up with the stomach virus my kids have. I am still getting over that stupid cold I got last week after the d and c. That reminds me, I wonder how long is normal to bleed after having one of those. It's been a week and a day now...I will have to ask my doula about shephard's purse to see about drying it up. I used it the last time I had a d and c for retained placenta, after #2, when I couldn't stop spotting. It is a herb that helps dry up the bleeding, but it tastes like yuck.
ok, enough ramblign now for me. They are all napping so I can now catch a few zzz's before kid #1 comes home from school, and then I have to get supper going and then go food shopping and buy challahs for shabbos. I wish my family lived in Toronto so I could just ask my dad for a lift to the market instead of having to go in the cold to the atm and get a cab.

I will post more tomorrow after I have a bit more rest, to update you on new baby's weigh in at the pediatrician.


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