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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Mastitis..can anyone say ouch??

Ouch, ouch ouch....PAIN. I woke up on Shabbos morning feeling sick, like I had the flu. I am not nursing, so I thought that the fact that my milk had come in and caused engorement was the reason I was in an extreme amount of pain. So painful I could only sleep on my back as it hurt too much to sleep on my sides. After shabbos was over, I took my temperature and saw I was running a low grade fever and my right side was all swollen and red and hot in one area. I went to the rapid care clinic and the doc told me I had mastitis, and put me on keflex 500 mg 4x a day. I took 3 doses of it and feel a bit better. Still sore but not as excruciating. I am supposed to follow up with my family doc as the rapid care clinic doc said sometimes you can develop an abscess in the breast. So just to be on the safe side I am going to try to get an appointment with my family doc hopefully for Tuesday.

In other news, got the kids' hair cuts today. (just #1 and #2's hair.) #1, my 4 year old son suddently developed a fear of scissors and had a big fit. Luckily my dad is here so he helped distract him so the lady could cut his hair. #2, my daughter was very easy and didn't mind getting her hair cut (just her bangs actually) I then tried to run some other errands and realized I am not up to going back to my normal routine yet even when I have a lift and don't have to walk. I am exhausted now, and I guess my body is not ready yet. I started taking materna again as I think I might be anemic and the iron in it will help me, hopefully. I hadn't taken materna during the pregnancy as their old formula had too much iron in it and it was making me sick. They reformulated the vitamin so now it is less iron and I can tolerate it much better. I think also the fact that I was sick wasn't doing anything to boost my energy levels.

and in new Baby News, new baby girl has been quite fussy, but I finally got around to buying some batteries for the bouncy seat and it seems to really calm her down. She is a week old today! :)


  • At 10:59 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ouch is right! I managed to catch it before it really got infected, just clogged...but I was nursing. Can I ask what made you decide not to nurse, especially after one child was allergic to formula?

  • At 11:12 a.m., Blogger Alison said…

    wow, I just discovered I can write back to people LOL. I didn't know I could, and then hubby showed me how. Sorry for not answering anyone's posts. I didn't know I could :)
    I am not nursing because of a terrible experience I had trying to nurse baby #1. I had my heart set on nursing, I had a pump, nursing clothes, and the la leche league book on nursing. With #1, I had a long difficult labour and was weak from the morphine drip afterwards. I also had a retained placenta and my milk didn't come in properly from it. I tried nursing, and the dumb nurse at the hospital made me nurse him 4 hours on one side alone! and then screamed at me that I was starving him and then made me give him a bottle. Then I went to a nursing group at the hospital for some help with nursing where I was promptly ignored. When I got home, I pretty much gave up on nursing. When I got pregnant with #2, I was so scared of trying again to nurse that I had gone right to the bottle, only to find my daughter couldn't tolerate milk formula. By the time I figured that out, my supply had pretty much dried up. so I just stuck to the bottle ever since. I really was tempted to try to nurse again with this one, but I guess I was just too chicken to try again after the bad experience I had the first time.


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