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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

my OB appt. tomorrow..soon to be 5 days overdue

In 1 and a half hours I will be 5 days overdue. My stubborn baby LOL. Anyway, I was concerned about the baby's movements and my doula came over to monitor the heart beat, which was B"H fine. She thinks I don't feel a lot of movement as the placenta is probably in the front. She felt lots of movement that I had barely detected. She also stripped my membranes again, and gave me another dose of the herb thing that starts with a letter P. I am still stuck at 3 cm and am actually only 50 percent effaced, not 80 like we thought the last time. All those contractions I had the night before did nothing to dilate me, which I had figured as much as they were so irregular. My OB appt was supposed to be 6 pm tomorrow but the office changed it to 10 am as we are expecting another big snow storm (it is mostly the frozen rain that is going to be the problem). My doula said my OB will most likely send me to the hospital for a non stress test and bio physical, and based on the results either I will be booked for an induction for tomorrow, if it is not busy in labour and delivery, or Monday. Monday is the latest he will let me go as I will be 10 days overdue then. I can't believe it LOL. I really thought the babe would have come out by now. With #1, my 4 year old son, I was induced at 5 days over due because my biophysical results were not that great. he was 8 lb 7 oz. With #2, my 2 1/2 year old daughter, she came 5 days early and weighed 8 lb 12 oz. #3 (my 13 month old son) came 1 day overdue, at 7 lb 11 oz. This one, I guess is going back to the pattern of #1 of being overdue, except I hope to avoid being induced, keeping in mind the slight chance maybe I will go into labour before 10 am tomorrow. My doula is guessing the babe is a nice size, based on her palpitations of my tummy. She figures somewhere around the size of kid #2. Ouch. :P the longer the kid stays in the bigger it will grow so I hope it will come out soon. Anyway, I am not sure if I will be induced tomorrow or not. All I know is if I don't have it by Monday I will probably be induced then at the latest. I will keep everyone posted. I am kind of scared of induction as I came extremely close to a c-section when I was induced with #1. send me some labor vibes!!!!


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