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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

possible retained placenta

I am sitting here a nervous wreck waiting for my ob to show up to his office so I can ask him for a requisition for an ultrasound to make sure I don't have retained placenta yet again. Sigh. I tried to go to my family doc this morning but ended up walking out really annoyed as there was no secretary, about 6 people waiting, and he was with one patient for a half hour alone. My dad has to leave at 2 pm, and after that I have no lift to the doc. Instead of waiting my time with a doc who has shown no knowledge regarding anything to do wiht pregnancy, I phoned my ob's office, and they told me to call back around 12 pm. So I guess I will call now. his secretary is rather difficult, some of my friends have switched obs because of her nasty disposition. I hope the nice assistant answers the phone. I am unsure as to whether I actually have a retained placenta or I am just doing too much...all I know is I have been having some lower abdominal pain and passed a rather large clot yesterday. My doula told me it could be because I did too much but being I have had retained placenta with two of my four pregnancies it is better not to take a chance. Ok..here it goes...dialing now...


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