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Sunday, January 23, 2005

she's 2 weeks old!

Today the baby is now 2 weeks old. Her appointment with the pediatrician this past Friday did not go as well as I expected. She only gained 2 oz. in one week which left both the pediatrician and me puzzled. She is being formula fed, she is eating 2-3 oz every two hours, and I am making up the bottles as indicated in the directions on the formula, plus I formula fed all my kids so I know how to make up a bottle by now. the only thing I can think of is maybe this formula is not agreeing with her. She is on the good start formula. She is pooping okay, (as she had demonstrated for the doc LOL). He told me not to worry, that sometimes babies don't start really gaining until after 2 weeks, and she was not officially 2 weeks at her check up on Friday. I am bringing her in this upcoming Friday for a weigh in. If she still has not gained appropriately then I am going to ask the doc to switch formulas. My first ended up on soy formula, my second was on Nutramigen, third was on good start, and i thought good start would be okay this time too. Let's just hope she gains ok this week. She is certainly eating enough. The problem is though, sometimes she will take one ounce, refuse the rest, and then take another 2 ounces an hour or two later. My doc told me this is normal though. The other thing I worry about is the middle of the night feeding. She, on the odd occation refuses it, or will only take one ounce and start to make a gagging noise and refuse the rest. I might phone my pediatrician tomorrow to mention this. She often does take a bottle in the middle of the night., more than she refuses one, but last night and one time before this she refused and I tried a bunch of times to get her to eat. Sigh..I hope she doesn't end up on nutramigen. that stuff is expensive, 100 bucks for 12 cans.

In other news, I feel really tired and washed out, which may be because i have a very bad cold, but I think my iron is too low. Today I just simply went to the mall to redeem a gift card someone gave me as a present for the baby and I started gushing and had to go home and put my feet up. My ob had tested my platelets and other stuff so I guess I will find out next week if I need to take an iron supplement.


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